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General Hospital (GH) Spoilers: Who Will Kill Peter August? Vote Now!

General Hospital (GH) spoilers indicate that the hunt is on for Peter August once again. Who will kill Peter or will he escape like his father always did? The list of suspects continues to grow, who do we have so far?

General Hospital Spoilers: Anna Devane Won’t Shoot To Kill

General Hospital’s Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) already told Robert Scorpio (Tristan Rogers) that she won’t shoot to kill. Anna doesn’t truly want Peter dead because she still believes she can save him.

GH Spoilers: Robert Scorpio Wants Peter Dead

General Hospital’s Robert would readily kill Peter at the drop of a hat. Robert hates Peter for everything he’s done and knows unless he’s dead he will keep wreaking havoc.

General Hospital Spoilers: Jason Morgan Owes Peter

General Hospital’s Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) is in Greece with Britt Westbourne (Kelly Thiebaud) searching for her mother. However, Peter held Jason captive for five years before he managed to escape the Russian clinic. If it wasn’t for Peter, Jason would still have his wife and kids. Jason owes Peter and would gladly take him out.

GH Spoilers: Britt Westbourne Could Kill Her Brother

General Hospital’s Britt wouldn’t think twice about killing her brother. Will Britt kill Peter to save her mother or even Jason?

General Hospital Spoilers: Nina Reeves Blames Peter

General Hospital’s Peter blew Nina Reeves’s (Cynthia Watros) life apart in Nixon Falls. Nina could certainly exact revenge on Peter.

GH Spoilers: Maxie Jones Will Protect Her Kids

General Hospital’s Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms) will protect her children at all costs. Maxie also knows that Peter is responsible for her husband’s death as well. Peter has lied to Maxie and tried to steal her child. Will she take him out in the end?

General Hospital Spoilers: Liesl Obrecht Loathes Peter

General Hospital’s Liesl Obrecht (Kathleen Gati) has wished Peter dead in a million ways. Now Peter has kidnapped her and could easily try to kill her. Will Liesl get the best of him in the end?

General Hospital (GH) Spoilers: Who Will Kill Peter August? Vote Now!

GH Spoilers: Scott Baldwin Could Save His Lover

General Hospital’s Scott Baldwin (Kin Shiner) could join the hunt for Liesl and be forced to have her from Peter himself. Will Scott kill for Liesl, after all, it is Peter who also killed his son? Will Scott get to honor?

General Hospital Spoilers: Victor Cassadine Wants Peter Dead Too

General Hospital’s Victor regrets getting involved with Peter and wants him dead. However, Victor is also upset that Peter took Liesl. Now Peter has also shot his son. Victor may get to Peter before anyone else since the WSB is about to turn him loose. Could Victor take him out?

GH Spoilers: Drew Cain May Turn On Peter

General Hospital’s Drew Cain (Cameron Mathison) has been held captive for years thanks to Peter. Drew also lost most of his memories because of Peter as well. Drew owes Peter as much if not more than Jason does. Will Drew break through his conditioning and take Peter out?

Peter will eventually be killed by someone he has wronged. Who do you believe will kill him? Will Peter pay or go on the run like Caesar Faison (ex-Anders Hove) for years? Who will have the ultimate revenge on Peter August/Henrik Faison?

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  1. lbc says

    Who will do the deed is still up in the air in my book. Any of the suggested characters are capable of doing the deed, but who the writers will assign the task to is left to be seen. Then again, Peter just may not die, just be missing from canvas until needed for another story line.

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