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General Hospital (GH) Spoilers: Valentin Takes Desperate Measures To Get The Truth

General Hospital spoilers tease in this week’s General Hospital Sneak Peek, that Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart) will take desperate measures to get the truth about his boss and he’s willing to kill to do it!

General Hospital Spoilers – Valentin Cassadine Released From His Hospital Bed

General Hospital viewers will recall that Valentin Cassadine was pretty anxious to be released from his room in the intensive care unit at General Hospital in Friday’s episode. In this week’s General Hospital Sneak Peek, it looks like he’s been cleared for release as he’s in street clothes and visits another patient. However, he appears to be an unwelcome visitor! The patient, one of the guards from the Cassadine compound in Crete, (uncredited actor) was apparently also brought to Port Charles thanks to the WSB and receiving care for his injuries at General Hospital. The guard is in a hospital gown, hooked up to monitors and IVs, and as Valentin leans over him, he awakes.

General Hospital Spoilers – The Guard Is Frightened To See Valentin Cassadine Standing Over Himd

General Hospital viewers will note that it is plain to see that the injured guard is frightened to see Valentin standing over him, as he jumps! The guard tells Valentin wait – he knows him! Valentin tells him that he thought he might! Valentin reminds him that he was a prisoner at the Cassadine compound in Crete, and he was a guard. The guard looks even more fearful as Valentin tells him to relax – he’s looking for his boss!

General Hospital viewers will recall that Peter August (Wes Ramsey) had brainwashed all of Victor Cassadine’s (Charles Shaughnessy) guards, so they had turned on Victor and would have been working from Peter when the guard was injured. The guard tells Valentin to forget it – he plays dumb as he tells him he doesn’t know anything, and he’s not talking! The guard obviously knows from experience how dangerous his boss is and what will happen to him if he spills!

General Hospital (GH) Spoilers: Valentin Takes Desperate Measures To Get The Truth

General Hospital Spoilers – Valentin Cassadine Channels His Inner Cassadine

General Hospital viewers know that Valentin will do anything to take down Peter, and he’s not playing around, either! Valentin meant it when he told Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) that he would kill him! Now he channels his inner Cassadine to the injured guard, as he picks up a large syringe that happens to be handy and appears to be readying himself to give the guard a shot with it! The guard grows more and more fearful, as he asks Valentin if that is truth serum in the syringe – and how did he get sodium pentothal, does he have a doctor in his pocket?

Valentin looks affronted, as he tells him no, and says General Hospital is a reputable hospital; he doesn’t just “get” truth serum! Valentin explains that what he is holding over the guard is merely an empty syringe – a syringe full of air. Then he continues to try to scare the truth out of the guard by explaining what would happen to him if he gave him the injection. He asks him if he knows what 10 ccs of air would do when it entered his bloodstream? Valentin continues his threat veiled as an explanation when he tells him it will make his blood bubble, and then when the bubble goes straight to his heart or his brain, he will die! The guard is in near panic as he pleads, “no, no, no, no, no?”! Valentin displays a sinister grin as he asks the guard to clarify – “No?”!

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    Valentine can be very scary. I hope he gets Peter soon.

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