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General Hospital Spoilers: Should Jason Morgan Be With Britt or Sam? Vote Now!

General Hospital (GH) Jason Morgan is about to take a big step in his life with a woman he is not in love with. However, there are two women out there in Port Charles that fans would like to either see him return to or start a new romance.

There’s Britt Westbourne who is falling in love with Jason (Steve Burton) and Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) who was Jason’s ride or die for years. Sam decided to break free of Jason and his mob life late last year while Britt (Kelly Thiebaud) seems to be embracing it. Of course, for now, Jason will likely marry Carly (Laura Wright) as a mob front marriage, but we know Sonny will eventually return and that union will go the way of the wind, so Jason has to be with someone, right? So, who should it be — Sam or Britt?

The Case for General Hospital’s Sam

Jason and Sam were once the most popular General Hospital pair. They struggled long and hard to finally marry and have children. Just when they brought son Danny home from the hospital after believing he was dead for months, Jason went out to do a ‘job’ and was allegedly killed and pushed into the river, never to be seen again — or at least not seen again for a few years.

Sam thought Jason was back when she met Drew Cain (Billy Miller), but he turned out to be Jason’s twin who had plastic surgery. Sam dumped Drew like a hot potato when the real Jason was back, but then dumped Jason when she finally realized he had a job that could hurt the kids she never pays attention to anyway.

General Hospital Spoilers: Should Jason Morgan Be With Britt or Sam?

The Case for Britt

There’s something new and different with Jason and Britt. Yes, the danger is there but so is a connection and Jason seems to have some sort of life in him (relatively) when Britt is around. She is not innocent either and understands a dangerous lifestyle, as she spent time on the run with her father, Cesar Faison (Anders Hove). But is she Sam? And will she wait around for Jason while he deals with this marriage mess Carly is cooking up?

So, who should Jason be with in the end? Let us know by taking our poll below.

  1. Carrie Nauseda says

    The JaSam haters , Steve haters, Kelly M haters will definitely ban together on this one but no other will ever match the Og JaSam chemistry. It was never been given a chance to reconnect since Steve’s return. the fact that others are trying to reenact Jasam moments only proves what JaSammers already know.

    1. Camille says

      I agree on JaSam forever. xo

    2. Annie says

      Absolutely Positively agree!, THE REAL JASAM FOREVER!!! AMAZING CHEMISTRY Same goes for CARSON and LANTE! These writers have Truly screwed up GH, that’s why I stopped watching

    3. Paula Maturo says

      Soap Fans are fiercely loyal and passionate and they love who they love. Soap fans hang in there through the good and the bad with their ships. In the case of Jason and Sam, the fans fell in love with them back in October 2003 and watched these two incredible actors take us on an unbelievable journey of love with them. Kelly and Steve have been blessed with a incredible on screen chemistry which is what made them give us their magical scenes together. We cheered in 2011 when they got married and watched the heart wrenching divorce scenes. We were devastated when Steve left the show in 2012 and we could only hope that one day he would come back and him and Kelly could pick up where they off as Jason and Sam. We were thrilled in September 2017 when the news came out that Steve was coming back! Unfortunately, we never did get that reunion we so anxiously were awaiting for. The pay off for the Gh fans who have been watching for over 40 plus years fell flat and has left us disappointed with most of us tuning out of Gh. I am hanging in but when the core of the character is being destroyed to promote another pairing or another plot its difficult to stay invested. Thank you for listening!

      1. Mady says

        You gotta change it up sometimes. I happen to like Jason with Britt. They made Kelly Monaco’s SAM too boring. Remember how much a lot of the fans loved her with Drew. I did.

  2. Paula says

    Sam is Jason’s true love plus they have a child together which needs both of his Parents These writers have ruined Sam’s character she was always a strong person until these writers destroyed her character like they have so many others on this soap. BRITT is very dishonest and still lying to everyone she knew Wiley was Michael’s and kept it away from him.

    1. Simone says

      I believe Jason and Sam belong together, they are each others destiny. She is the only one he ever truly loves, Britt is just a passing ship in the night.

      1. Annmarie Zanfardino says

        Brit has been a new light passing in Jason life he needed but because Sam left him temporarily her mind should get back and help

    2. Maria V GREEN says

      Having a child together does not mean true love. Something shifted for Sam. Let’s not forget, she’s the one who kicked Jason to the curb.
      Britt is not some innocent flower that expects life to be all candy canes and roses. She can actually handle Jason’s lifestyle. After all, we’re talking about FAISON’s daughter.

  3. Martha says

    I want Jason with Brit and not with CARLY!

  4. ann boever says

    love Sam & jason they are good for each other period put them back together now miss them two keep them together for good period

  5. Cat says

    Sam drags Jason down. With Britt the man actually smiles! They are refreshing and hot!! Of course it’s obvious he will marry Carly. Sickening!

    1. Naomi mintet says

      If you knew the history you would know Jasam and Sam were playful and happy, Jason said Sam changed they are ride or die. No Britt

    2. Emma Jo Rust says

      I agree Britt for now, but we know Carly always gets her way!

  6. Jorina says

    Please have Sonny come to Port Charles in time looking for Nina and run into someone that knows who he is and delivers him to Carly & Jason. As a another twist, a member of the Novak family will kidnap him. Its getting stupid folk.
    Maxie – traded in baby
    Liz/Finn hiding Peter’s body
    Drew coming to life
    Britt with Huntington markers (hope the Doctor was wrong – its a horrible disease
    Carly/Jason wedding.

    Too much.

  7. Ashley J Hines says

    Britt all the way!!

  8. SamAintIt says

    The chemistry is no longer there with Jasam! Half the time Sam looks disinterested in any scenes with Jason. Couples grow apart and that’s what happened with Jasam, they became stale and boring. Jasam fans are so fixated on the what they were in the past but can’t see they don’t have that chemistry! Britt and Jason have the chemistry, they like working together and it shows on screen.

    1. Travoice Marshall says

      I agree.

  9. Annmarie Zanfardino says

    I feel bad for the address who played lulu and just saw her real life sister bad news and feel bad for her and hope she will feel better and with her family wanted to say giving blessing and love .a caring sister I am in my family and is important family first then work later .we will miss you,

  10. Annmarie Zanfardino says

    General hostipal is changing and I hope the writer know what they are doing to Jason making him go left and right ,and hope not to ruin any good people working in general hostipal .

    have a fake marriage Carly and Jason and get Sam back in loop and say sorry to Bret
    bring back Hayden and this new nickolas has messed up and the orignal Nicolas would never do what he has done with Ava and his family .fill bad if the orignal nickolas actor is feeling better soon one day.
    Maybe Brenda should come back to sonny

  11. Shelley Shaffer says

    Jason is clearly falling for Britt. They need a chance to be happy together. Sam made it clear it’s over with Jason and she want to move on without him. Jasam fans also need to move on.

  12. Nanna 13 says

    Britta is the best thing to happen to Jason in a long time. He does not need to be with that shrew Carly. Sam had her chance and blew it. Besides, she and Jason were such a boring couple.

  13. elvisfan says

    Sam had her chance to hang on to Jason if she loved him so much??? She asked him to leave so Jason did…now she does not like it. You can not manuver people like a chess game

  14. Judy Maza Q says

    Today, it was heart breaking for me to view Britt so hurt after Jason told her about his up coming marriage to Carly. I’m rooting for Britt. I use to be an avid fan of Sam and Jason. However, she became wishy washy with her feelings for Jason. Remember when Drew was around , she couldn’t decide. When Danny was in danger, she decided to leave Jason. Jason could move to Alaska. Regardless of doing that, the mob knows that she and Danny are connected to Jason. There will always be a target on their backs if the families want revenge. I would have stayed with Jason and taken other security measures. Jason needs a love that is consistent. I think Britt will provide that. Hopefully, some way her condition will improve. I’m resenting Carly a bit now. Couldn’t they present themselves as co-leaders to the mob without this marriage gig?

  15. SickofGH says

    How is this even a question??? Jason has 1 soul mate and it’s Sam. There’s no it’s ands or buts about it and she damn well deserves better from him!!!

    1. Roseclaire francis says


  16. Mary J Grimm says

    Sam and only Sam is the love of Jason’s life! Yes Sam had a weak moment when she thought her son and Jason were blown up with the bomb. Anyhow Jasam will be back together at some point, it just makes sense because of all the history between them. And their chemistry is off the charts when given more scenes together. I will never give up on one of the greatest couples of all time on GH. Their love story is written in the stars.

  17. cooks7570 says

    The show can put Jason and Sam back together down the line, But let’s give Jason and Britt a chance as a couple. I liked Sam and Drew together. Steve and Kelly T’s have good chemistry together

  18. Celeste Mays says

    The worst writing in years! I have been a fan since 1980 and I have now stop watching! Carly is one of the worst characters ever created and if Kelly Monoco does not want to do scenes with Steve Burton then get a new SAM!

  19. […] of Port Charles is continuing to be shocked yet not shocked that Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) and Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) plan to get married. One could say this union was decades in the making. Others could say this came out of nowhere. […]

    1. Vicki says

      I agree. No Jason and Carly

  20. […] order to keep Sonny’s business safe from a takeover, and possible danger to his family, Carly and Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) is preparing to be married. And although Sonny may understand why Jason and Carly chose to get married, he won’t be prepared […]

  21. Scyren says

    Jason was so boring and Sam was so freaking whiny. There is no way I’ll ever watch if they put that god-awful couple back together. They would have never even been together after what she did to Jake and all the things she said. She hated his son for goodness sake. Anyway, they lost their spark. KM didn’t even seem to be into it at all. They ran their course. Sam has been with other people besides Jason. Jason has been going back and forth between Sam and Liz for years. It’s tired and old. Let him be with someone new who hasn’t hurt him so much. I would be so mad if after Sam convinced him she was so different and ride and die after watching what the violence did to Michael and Jake and not caring and guilting Jason into Danny when he didn’t want to have another kid, that after breaking his heart after she put those kids in danger with the DOD crap and her stupid decisions that almost got Jason killed, that he’d just accept that. It’s bad enough he wasn’t upset after she treated him like crap and didn’t care about his feelings at all after Russia. And don’t even make me mention how many times she risked her probation and put him first over her kids and then leaves him…. Free Jason. He deserves more.

  22. […] will blow up, but there’s an awful lot of violence in this not-so-sleepy New York town, with Jason (Steve Burton) and Sonny (Maurice Benard) usually in the thick of it, as well as the infamous Five Families who apparently run the […]

  23. […] would never commit to a life with Jason when he wanted to be with her. Sam was reluctant to admit to her feelings for Jason but they were together for years while Liz […]

  24. shaylie says

    Britt please!
    their situation is fun & fascinating & if they can get me to actually like Britt — which i now totally do — the two of them provide so much fun & sooo many possible storylines. love it! Sam & Dante kinda have a similar — if less interesting — situation.
    just sayin.

    1. Connie Young says

      Just has fans think Sonny & Carly belong together, so do Jason & Sam. When Steve came back as Jason in 2017. They worked so hard to get JaSam back as a couple with the help of Sonny & Carly. The four of them became like a family. Then the storylines broke all four of the up now it’s time to put them back together. Get rid of Nina & Britt & reunite Jason & Sam and Sonny & Carly a create the magic between them as couples.

  25. Amy says

    I agree jasam all the way, I also agree these writers are not the best anymore. I quit watching after years and years, after they broke up Sam and Jason. I go on you tube and watch the old GH when Sam and Jsason were together.

  26. Connie says

    Jason & Sam belong together. Been researching their history. Definitely Jason & San are the best Super Couple of any soap opera. They are number ONE Super Couple.

  27. TC says

    Sam and Jason should get back together. They look funny being intimately involved with other people. I’m rooting for them to reunite.

  28. sharon jennings says

    Jasam forever!!! No other couple on GH has their chemistry. Pairing Jason with Britt is a tragic disaster she is the daughter of the man who kept Jason prisoner for 5 years, not to mention Sam and Dante share a little brother and a sister, wouldn’t that be considered incest on some level. The writers of this show are truly running it into the ground, why can’t they appease the fans with a happily ever after for Jasam, they deserve it and so do we. Carly and Sonny hit their happy ending.

  29. Carla Donelson says

    Britt is the worst thing to ever happen to Jason.she’s not a good person.don’t care how much they push it. it’s not working the fans know it.the haters know it.and the writers know it. there’s no way in hell Jason would be with Britt.and all the people lying saying he laugh and have life with Britt.lies y’all are still pissed Steve came back, and they haven’t put him with that nurse.and BM is gone.(Thank you soap Gods)and the others are newbies who started watching GH when the soaps they used to watch got canceled. I wish all of you would go away.and KT and SB doesn’t have an ounce of on screen chemistry.NONE ZERO nor do DZ and KM. yeah I said it.but KT and IR have mad chemistry. ??‍♀️

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