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GH Spoilers: Do You Want To See Another Port Charles Mob War? Vote Now!

General Hospital spoilers reveal yet another mob war brewing in Port Charles between the Corinthos Crime Family (aka Corinthos Coffee) and the Novaks from New York City, who we assume were the Novaks we knew years ago when Ryan’s Hope was a beloved soap still airing on ABC.

General Hospital Spoilers: Too Many Bullets Over Port Charles

Every time you turn around, someone is getting shot on the docks or in a warehouse in Port Charles. Sometimes a warehouse will blow up and sometimes a bar will blow up, but there’s an awful lot of violence in this not-so-sleepy New York town, with Jason (Steve Burton) and Sonny (Maurice Benard) usually in the thick of it, as well as the infamous Five Families who apparently run the show.

Now that Carly (Laura Wright) and Jason managed to defeat Cyrus Renault (Jeff Kober) and get him sent back to jail, they need a reason to get married so they need another crime family and another mob war. They just can’t seem to live any other way. If they can’t be in some sort of criminal war, what would Carly and Jason even do? And what will Sonny do when he eventually remembers who he is and returns to Port Charles? At least it keeps things interesting, right?

GH Spoilers: Do You Want To See Another Port Charles Mob War? Vote Now!

But This Is A Hospital Show

Of course, there are other ways to make a soap interesting than to have constant shootouts and violence. Stories can be based on character and they can also be based more in the hospital the soap is named for, and we don’t mean when a shooting victim ends up in the emergency room.

What would happen if when Sonny returns he realizes he liked his non-mob life as Mike and wants to try to truly get out of the business just like Julian (William deVry) did? How compelling and fascinating would that be after all these years? Why is it a given that Sonny has to be in the mob with each story being the same as Sonny, Carly, and Jason put the people they love in danger? So, should GH take a break from the mob wars and constant violence so other stories can come to the forefront? Let us know in the General Hospital poll below.

  1. Camil Collins says

    We really need a mob war!! we need something of substance from when the show was great! The crap they’re
    showing is stupidity long form. Does anyone recognize this GH?, not me I hardly watch anymore Can’t and won’t put up with the very STUPID writing!!

    1. soaplady says

      you took the words right out of my mouth!Some stupid storylines that they carry on forever when no one cares.This Sonny thing started good but now everyone has lost patience.Jason and Carly-stupif.Jason and Britt was really good but now I dont care anymore.Ryan,Nell,Peter and now the Novacks,..give me a break.You took away the drakes,oroginal Spencer,original Nicholas,Lucky (you could recast),Sabrina….and you just leave us with crap.I watch once a week and mostly fast forward that.

      1. soaplady says

        oh I have to say another thing-Franco-I hated him.Never thought I would care for him but pairing him with Elizabeth and the way he interacted with the boys-I feel in love with the little family.I hated what they did …they had a minute to be a family.

    2. Just123 says

      Oh my gosh … I am sooooo on board with you. And it’s sad so see what it has become. I’ve watched GH (and AMC and OL2L) for over 40 years and almost don’t recognize what it has become.
      Unfortunately I find myself FF over much of it. Such as the Sonny/Nina storyline….🤮….and that has dragged on far too long. Michael/Sasha/Chase ….another absolutely absurd reason for marriage especially when the truth in the end will be far worse than it would have been in the beginning.
      All the bogus marriages are a joke ….seems they think that is the solution to everything now. Now add to that list the Carly/Jason marriage.
      For the past 18 months I’ve blamed the horrible writing and drawn out storylines on Covid.
      But actually, if anything, they had months to come up with some amazing stuff.
      But instead they they send Sonny into some alternate universe where he looses his memory but doesn’t seem to even be trying to figure out who he is and if he has a family. Just simple curiosity would make a person try to figure out what their life had been. And then self righteous Nina drags out telling Sonny the truth. But to drag that out for months and months?

  2. Annmarie Zanfardino says

    Even if sonny memory partly comes back ,do you think he would be able to go back
    and is funny everyone once wanted him to give up crime but he didn’t and now they need him back will he want too.

    What will he want to do after finding out who he is and who everyone is.
    And hope Jason and Carly maybe do a make believe marriage but
    What about Sam now? And what about Jason he can’t leave either
    and Sam gave up Jason too soon

    what story line except about Peter does drew is important
    Why bring him back
    And the guy who played Ryan long a go ,sorry to say got old hope he fixing up
    Maybe is he going to be with Sam again.
    A shame so much mess.nit fun,Brett mother use to be great
    big sorry Anna can’t know yet of maxie
    and Austin is exciting weird like but good

    Michael and willow didn’t do anything different that chase did with Shasta
    Good abc
    Miss the old days

    1. soaplady says

      I miss the good ol days….when Jessie Brewer and Audrey Hardy ran the nurses station.

    2. Just123 says

      I agree with you. I miss the old says too! Or maybe I should say the old writers!!!
      The “sudden” and dramatic change in Sam was ridiculous. It’s not like she hadn’t been with Jason for years already and had knowingly and willingly had children, knowing what his occupation was… was insane. They took this strong independent and brave character known as Sam and turned her into a whiny, whimpy woman. I lost respect for the character and now actually hope that Jason gets back with Britt. I loved the Jason/Britt pairing.
      Pair Sam with Dante now. Dante is now also back and as a whiny and self-righteous character.
      As for Peter….I’m soooo over him as well as Nina!!! Sick of Nina…..this whole Sonny/Nina thing needs to blow up in her face and run her out of town. I don’t see how anybody is going to be able to justify what she has done for months as it has caused lots of danger for P.C. As well as the residents and Sonny’s family, Jax’s daughter Josslin…..Nina deserves to loose Avery thing and everybody that she holds dear. And as for what Michael and Carly will do to her….she can kiss a relationship with Wiley goodbye!!

  3. Diane Onofre says

    Yes we need a war we need sonny to come back and save his family we need new faces new story lines we need murders and love

  4. Brian Bruce says

    I believe Sonny the mob boss isn’t realistic. How many likeable mob bosses do you know. He never ever got the right person in which he ordered a hit on. It’s time Sonny had a change. He should resume his name as Mike and join the police force. I think the writers should stop Nina’s secret and have her come clean. Let Mike decide what and who he wants. He should have that right. Nixon Falls should be where he belongs. Perhaps start a new spin off in the name Nixon Falls!

    1. Jillie says

      This is pretend, remember?

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