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General Hospital (GH) Spoilers: Who Should Finn End Up With? Vote Now!

General Hospital spoilers reveal Finn (Michael Easton) continuing to worry about what really happened to Peter August (Wes Ramsey) as he grows closer to Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst), the person who helped him stash Peter’s probably-not-so-dead body in a deep freezer. But Finn is still very lonely and needs someone new. Who should it be? You tell us!

General Hospital Spoilers: Does Lonely Finn Need Elizabeth?

On July 4, Finn and Elizabeth watched the fireworks from the docks and he told her how special she was becoming to him — except Liz had fallen asleep on his shoulder, not hearing anything he said. When he put his hand on her cheek a few weeks earlier, the recently widowed nurse freaked out and ran away.

It’s clear that Finn and Elizabeth care for one another and can work together well, even when it comes to hiding bodies, but is she ready for someone new at the moment after losing Franco (Roger Howarth) only a few months ago? Sure, his doppelganger is walking around Port Charles and working at the hospital, but nobody seems to see the absolutely uncanny resemblance.

Another Try With Anna Devane

Just as Elizabeth lost Franco earlier this year, Finn lost Anna (Finola Hughes) after they broke up on their wedding day due to her keeping the fact that she wasn’t Peter’s mother a secret. Neither one of them looked like they wanted to break up, but what’s done is done. They seem to be ok with it now, but they also seem to still care about one another. Are romantic feelings still there?

General Hospital (GH) Spoilers: Who Should Finn End Up With? Vote Now!

Should Finn Just Find Hayden?

Finn shares a child with Hayden Barnes (Rebecca Budig) and is raising Violet (Jophielle Love) all on his own. Hayden was driven out of town twice leaving Finn in the lurch, but the last time she left, he was already engaged to Anna.

Hayden is a hot topic of conversation lately as half the town forgets they know who shot her in 2015, so all the layers are set for her return. When she does make her comeback, should she and Finn pick up where they left off or should he be with someone else. Let us know in the General Hospital poll below.

  1. Valfoster says

    Finn should be with Anna. Now he
    Can understand why Anna
    Keep secrets from him about Peter. Now he is doing the same thing keeping secrets about Peter being dead (at least that’s what they think)

  2. […] Hughes). Now that Anna is out of the picture, Hayden can pursue a relationship with Finn again. However, if Liz starts falling in love with Finn, Hayden’s actions will not sit well with her. Liz, Hayden, and Finn could end up in a love […]

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