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General Hospital Alum Steven Burton’s Wife Sheree Issues A New Years Challenge 2022

General Hospital’s alum Steve Burton’s wife Sheree Burton has issued her New Years Challenge for 2022. Burton has invited women to join her website for diet and nutrition help as well as fitness training. The program begins January 15th and fans have access for 30 days to her website. Are you up to the challenge?

Sheree Burton Is A Certified Trainer

Sheree Burton is an ISSA-certified Fitness and Nutrition coach. Burton is very interested in working with women to achieve their fitness goals. Burton has set up an online forum/community for her followers to learn and grow while changing their lives. Burton’s website offers weekly workouts, a monthly live workout, mindset training, recipes, meal planning, etc. There are also exclusive online events and community support.

The challenge is for women 18 and over who want to improve their lifestyle and overall health. According to Burton, this is not open to the general public and there are limited spots. However, all of this exclusive access comes with a cost. The fee for Sheree’s program is $99 a month for the six-week beginner course. However, the New Years Challenge costs 149.99 and is a fifteen-day challenge.

Sheree Burton Offers Answers

Several fans asked questions of Burton on her Instagrams video and in all honesty, she puts off some of the answers until January 15th. Fans will have an opportunity to ask questions and find answers on the website after the challenge begins and in her opening video on the 15th. Burton says that all of the information is available on the website but it will only be available for 30 days after you sign up. Apparently, after the challenge, you have the opportunity to subscribe to the monthly program as well. It seems to be a big difference when you look at paying a month and a half-price for the challenge.

General Hospital Alum Steven Burton's Wife Sheree Issues A New Years Challenge 2022

Sheree Burton’s Instagram Updates

Sheree often posts updates on her Instagram page with photos and positive messages to encourage her followers. Of course, Burton also was involved in Burton Nutrition as well. Burton’s website is called Sheree Burton Fitness and Nutrition. Sheree offers testimonials from clients that she has worked with on the site. Burton also sells apparel but there don’t seem to be any nutritional supplements offered so far. Burton believes in accountability and community support. Macro information is also included on the site which she promises to explain later.

Sheree is all about health and fitness and wants to help others to achieve their goals. Comments from others who have worked with Sheree praise her for her help and support. Hopefully, anyone joining the challenge will do well and get a new lease on life. Good Luck with the challenge.

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