General Hospital (GH) spoilers and updates tease that Curtis Ashford (Donnell Turner) moving on with his life without Jordan for real this time. Briana Nicole Henry has left the show, which meant Jordan was shipped off to a medical facility out of Port Charles to help bring her out of renal failure. Whether Jordan will be recast or not remains to be seen, but should she be? Will you miss Police Commissioner Jordan Ashford? You tell us!

General Hospital Spoilers – What Will Curtis Ashford Do Now?

Jordan’s departure was a surprise to all, especially to Curtis and TJ (Tajh Bellow_, who look like they will be lost without her. Yes, Curtis has Portia (Brook Kerr) to keep him occupied and may even learn he is really Trina’s father, but he has loved Jordan for so many years and that showed as he cried by her bedside after inhaling too much carbon monoxide.

At least the PCPD seems in good hands with Mac Scorpio (John J. York) taking over as commissioner again. Does that mean we’ll actually get to see the beloved character, along with his district attorney brother, Robert Scorpio (Tristan Rogers)?

General Hospital: Jordan Ashford

Still, Curtis is shaken up and so is TJ. He just found his mother again a few short years ago and now she is gone. Sure, Albany isn’t that far from Port Charles and he and Molly (Haley Pullos) can even take day trips, but perhaps out of sight will become out of mind?

General Hospital Updates – It’s Not Like Jordan Ashford Ever Solved A Case

If there’s one thing you can say about Jordan Ashford, it’s that she wasn’t a very good police commissioner and we’re not even sure how she lasted so long in the job. She used criminals to solve her cases for her because she just couldn’t seem to do it herself. Even Portia had to tell her to keep her mouth shut when they were in that basement last week because yelling for help would make her inhale more gas. No wonder she could never catch the bad guys on her own.

Maybe Port Charles needs a new police commissioner for good and not just while Jordan is getting well. Or maybe if Jordan does return, she can find a new line of work. But should she? Let us know in the General Hospital poll below.

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By Elizabeth Rose

Elizabeth Rose has spent most of her long adult life writing about soaps off and on. She grew up on long-departed soaps Another World, Santa Barbara, All My Children, One Life to Live, and Guiding Light. Since college she has been a General Hospital lover and considers herself to be an encyclopedia of everything daytime.

8 thoughts on “GH Spoilers: Will You Miss Jordan Ashford? Vote Now!”
  1. Yes, Jordan will be missed. She was a good match for Curtis and I liked the friendship she had with Portia. I like the actor and will seeing her on the show. Best of luck Briana. Will miss seeing you and your gorgeous hair!

  2. She is a good actress and very beautiful. But no good storyline for her. And as far as never solving a crime , what police commissioner ever did in Port Charles really ! Sonny need to kick Jason and Carly out and Jason needs to be police commissioner 😳 would certainly look good in a uniform ! Not that any of them wear one .

  3. I loved Jordan from the beginning, although her approach to the character was different from her predecessor. I liked that she did not try to copycat the role but brought her own interpretation to the character! I felt that any shortcomings she had were the result of faulty writing and not due to any deficits in her quality of performance. I had high hopes for a reconciliation between her and Curtis, and I am deeply disappointed that this is no longer an option.
    I feel that the character’s vulnerability stemmed from the genuine warmth and softness of her portrayer, whose tenderness and thoughtfulness is irrepressible. Briana Nicole Henry has left her indelible mark on “Jordan” and on many hearts. I wish her tremendous success in all her endeavors.

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