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General Hospital Spoilers: Vanessa Marcil Supports One Of Her Fans – Details HERE!

General Hospital spoilers show that Vanessa Marcil (Brenda Barrett) fully understands the double-edged sword that comes with having a high-profile online presence. Recently a fan dedicated an Instagram page to her and managed to attract some flak at the same time.

General Hospital spoilers: Vanessa Marcil Feels Your Pain

The fan, @sweetlikez, got some uncool comments which moved Marcil to post, “congrats to my sister @sweetlikez on managing your first haters on your page”

“Not only am I honored that you started a page honoring my [bleep],” she continued, “but now you get my haters too! Congrats! You’ve made it!”

General Hospital spoilers: Vanessa Marcil Has a Great Sense of Humor

Marcil is a talented and uber popular actress who has won an Emmy winner and starred on Beverly Hills, 90210 and Las Vegas. She also gave a shout out to @sweetlikez posting, “Oh yeah, also congratulations on your college graduation, too. So there’s that.”

A conversation about Marcil is never complete without a mention of her bombshell portrayal of Brenda Barrett on GH and by extension her supercouple status with Maurice Benard’s character, Sonny Corinthos. So here goes!

General Hospital spoilers: Will Vanessa Marcil Ever Return to Port Charles?

Fans would love to see the sassy brunette pop back up in Port Charles again, whatever the reason—even Sonny’s funeral! To make it perfectly clear, Sonny is not dead, but his family thinks he is. That’s because he tussled with Julian Jerome (William deVry) on a dark and dangling bridge, tumbled into the water and his body was never found.

There’s a good reason for that—he is alive and well, alas, with amnesia. Darn.

Right now he thinks he is “Mike” which is ironic because his given name is Michael. Nina Reeve’s (Cynthia Watros) long ago nurse Phyllis Caulfield (Juliette Jeffers) tended to him after his rescue and has now brought the ‘nobody’ back to the pub she owns with her husband. She has offered him room and board in exchange for his manual labor and everyone is hunky dory with it.

In the meantime fans are screaming, ‘why doesn’t anyone freaking recognize Sonny “OG” Corinthos?’ Maybe because Nina will find him, and keep the secret out of spite for Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) keeping the secret of her daughter Nelle Benson (Chloe Lanier) from her? Just a thought.

Tell us what you think GH fans, how does this amazing story come to a conclusion?

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  1. Yasmin says

    Be careful of what u doing writers because I could blow GH set up keep it up can’t you see what fans/viewers are doing they trying to keep people apart and you are letting them I’m done playing the writers game if I can’t get what I want nobody will and there will be no more if GH no more I don’t care if I get caught it go to jail I’m try I honest did but the writers are letting viewers/fans run this damn show everybody laughing 😂 😆 at the writers keeping ppl apart but I bet u none will be laughing 😆 when they find out no more GH because it was set on fire 🔥

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