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General Hospital Spoilers: Deception Merges With Fusion, Erica Kane’s Arrival In Port Charles Coming

General Hospital Spoilers: Deception Merges With Fusion, Erica Kane’s Arrival In Port Charles Coming

General Hospital (GH) spoilers note that Lucy Coe (Lynn Herring) and Maxie Jones (Kristen Storms) are in quite a pickle.

Thanks to Tracy Quartermaine (Jane Elliot) launching her massive lawsuit against Deception and The Deceptor, the crew have found themselves scrambling.

If no one swoops in to save the day, the company could go under.

Will Erica Kane (Susan Lucci) arrive in Port Charles anytime soon to help these ladies out?

GH Spoilers: Lucy Coe Is Desperate For A Solution To Her Current Legal Woes

GH spoilers suggest that Lucy is currently racking her brain trying to think of a way around this mess.

After all, the judge’s ruling stated that it would take about six months for this case to go to trial. According to Coe, the company could go under during that time, especially with their big seller, The Deceptor, off shelves, as per part of the lawsuit.

The company going under not only affects Lucy, but Maxie, as well as poor Sasha Gilmore (Sofia Mattsson) who is currently struggling at Ferncliff.

Tracy did offer a settlement of 75% of the company, where Lucy (+ company) could hold onto 25%, but Ms. Coe isn’t about to just hand over something she’s poured her blood, sweat, and tears into.

Lucy recently mentioned Erica Kane and her Enchantment beauty company during a chat with Maxie at the Deception offices.

The ladies were having a strategic conversation about the lawsuit and Erica’s name was dropped. Could this all foreshadow a massive All My Children’s (AMC) character return?

General Hospital Spoilers: Deception Merges With Fusion, Erica Kane’s Arrival In Port Charles Coming

GH Spoilers: Erica Kane Saves The Day!

Montgomery Jackson (Walt Willey) is the most recent AMC character to come to Port Charles, with reports revealing that Blair Cramer (Kassie DePaiva) is also on her way.

Meanwhile, Anna Devane and her evil twin sister Alex (Finola Hughes) are also AMC alumni. Will GH add Erica to that list, too?

Many moons ago, Ms. Kane’s Enchantment merged with her daughter’s start-up, Fusion. Could Erica learn about Ms. Coe’s dilemma and reach out to her with a solution to buy out Deception, merge it with Fusion, and help her in a pinch?

Maybe Lucy turns to Erica and sends her a note via email, social media, or posts on X, out of the dark, hoping for some help.

Could Erica Kane show up in Port Charles? Share your thoughts, below! Tune into your favorite ABC soap daily to see all the drama unfold and visit GHT for the latest General Hospital news, spoilers, and updates.

  1. Cooker123 says

    For God sake! Stop bringing all these people over from debunked soaps! GH had numerous long established, beloved charecters / actors that has been tossed aside like a used Kleenex. Before you bring anymore newbie on, bring our cast member’s back!

    1. cdf says

      Yes bring them to GH. Getting some fresh story lines yay! And just in case you don’t realize or don’t know several of GH people came from other soaps, One Life to Live for example just to name a few!
      Sam (Kelly Monaco), Finn (Michael Easton)
      , Austin (Roger Horwath)
      But hey you’re entitled to your opinion! My opinion is bring em on!!!

  2. Tessa4GH says

    It would be cool if Erica Kane showed up although since Jackson Montgomery is representing Tracy I think she and Tracy are working together

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