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General Hospital News Update: Laura Wright Loves A Witchy Read In Her Downtime!

ABC General Hospital spoilers reveal that Laura Wright, who plays Carly Corinthos on the soap set in Port Charles, NY, is a reading buff and she is sharing her latest pick with lucky fans.

The beautiful and talented star has let GH viewers in on what she’s reading these days and we think you’ll want to read what she has to say!

General Hospital spoilers – Laura Wright is a voracious reader

According to Laura’s Insta, “I’m happily under the RAVENS spell! What a fun ride @daniellempaige !!!! For all you Harry Potter & Discovery of Witches fans— this is right up your alley!!! #guidinglightalumni #amazingwriter #thehair #ravens.”

She has a pic of the book posted and it’s a New York Times Bestseller—Laura has excellent taste! It’s clear that she’s lounging by the pool in her sunlit photo which shows that the book’s tagline is, “These sorority girls are real witches.”

General Hospital spoilers – Laura Wright’s fans are always on the lookout for a good read

Laura’s fans were all over her recommendation, with one writing, “I need to move to Cali…one for the “everyday sun”, and two, for the gorgeous ladies reading books by the pool LOL,” and another posting, “Would it be something that a guy in his the twenties would enjoy? Look for Christmas gift.”

One fan couldn’t resist getting a GH reference in by saying, “Laura you are the best Carly Corinthos. You and Sonny make such a cute couple.”

General Hospital spoilers – What is going to happen next in Port Charles?

Right now life is anything but cute for Laura’s character Carly. She and her mobster hubby are up to their eyeballs in risky business and sneaky shenanigans. The Floating Rib explosion detonated by Julian Jerome (William deVry) has killed and injured some of those near and dear to them and now it’s personal. Dev Cerci (Ashton Arbab) and Dustin Phillips (Mark Lawson) were killed and now Sonny has discovered that Julian was working on Cyrus Renault’s (Jeff Kober) orders.

Sonny found out that his baby mama Ava Jerome (Maura West) beat him to the punch before he could off the guy, but as fans know, Julian is comatose on the frozen ground below the parapet … to be continued!

Meanwhile, Carly is holding on to a dangerous secret, she knows that Nelle Benson (Chloe Lanier) is Nina Reeves’ (Cynthia Watros) MIA (in more ways than one) daughter. Tell us what you thought of November Sweeps, GH fans!

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with GH right now. Come back here often for General Hospital spoilers, news, and updates.

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