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General Hospital Spoilers: Will Jordan Use Kiss With Curtis To Sabotage Portia Reunion?

General Hospital Spoilers: Will Jordan Use Kiss With Curtis To Sabotage Portia Reunion?

General Hospital spoilers indicate Curtis Ashford (Donnell Turner) has decided to give Portia Robinson (Brook Kerr another chance. Will Jordan Ashford (Tanisha Harper) use their kiss to sabotage Portia and Curtis’ reunion?

Jordan Ashford Warned Portia Robinson

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Curtis has decided to give Portia another chance after their breakup. Jordan warned Portia that this would happen when she lied to Curtis years ago. Portia could have come clean with the truth about Trina Robinson (Tabyana Ali) when she first arrived in Port Charles. However, Portia chose to lie.

Curtis asked for the truth when he found out Portia had a daughter. All Curtis asked for was the truth. When Portia revealed the possibility to Jordan, she immediately warned Portia to be honest. Jordan lost Curtis because she wasn’t honest with him. Why could Portia not see where she was going wrong before now?

General Hospital Spoilers: Jordan Ashford Loves Curtis Ashford

Jordan never stopped loving Curtis. However, Jordan knows that she had lost Curtis because of her lies. Jordan wasn’t trying to sabotage Portia and Curtis’ relationship originally. Jordan was trying to give Portia the benefit of her experience. Jordan has known Curtis for years and she knows how he reacts to certain situations.

Jordan wanted Portia to benefit from her mistakes instead of making the same ones. Jordan also wanted Curtis to be happy as well. Jordan couldn’t give Curtis the family he needed. Jordan could help Portia to keep things together. Unfortunately, Portia chose not to listen to anything Jordan had to say. Jordan truly tried at first to help but Portia accused her of the opposite.

General Hospital Spoilers: Will Jordan Use Kiss With Curtis To Sabotage Portia Reunion?

GH Spoilers: Curtis Ashford Tried To Take Jordan Ashford Home

Curtis and Jordan met up at his club recently and Curtis tried to take Jordan home after she kissed him. Jordan considered taking Curtis up on his offer but in the end, Jordan made Curtis see the light when it came to Portia. Curtis finally decided to give Portia another chance. What if Jordan changes her mind? Will Jordan try to make a play for Curtis after all?

Jordan may decide that she made a mistake and actually try to get Curtis back. Jordan could at least allow Portia to know everything that had happened. Will Jordan insist that Portia needs to know about their kiss so that she knows the whole truth before giving Curtis another chance? Will Jordan stick to her promise and stay out of it while Curtis tries to make his marriage work?

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