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General Hospital Spoilers: Tantalizing Cast Changes–Epic Returns, Shock Exits, Thrilling Newbies!

General Hospital Spoilers: Tantalizing Cast Changes--Epic Returns, Shock Exits, Thrilling Newbies!

General Hospital (GH) spoilers and news teases some colossal casting drama for 2024. On the heels of May Sweeps, here is what you need to know to be in the know about the cast of your favorite daytime drama.

The news doesn’t get bigger than Steve Burton returning to GH as Jason Morgan. That move was a 10.0 on the Richter scale and forced all sorts of novel plots forward.

Burton returns to GH after a brief stint on Days of Our Lives where he reprised the role of Harris Michaels, the role that introduced him to daytime fans.

Jason was presumed dead in 2021 and fans first saw old blue eyes on Monday, March 4.

You know what they say, when one door opens, another one closes. Such was the case for Tonja Walker’s character Olivia Jerome. The baddie was killed offscreen in Pentonville.

Walker tweeted: “Looks like I died. Oh what a rip! I wish we could have actually shot some great story but again, another missed opportunity… unless it’s not. I guess you never know. It wouldn’t be the first time.”

General Hospital spoilers: Eva LaRue’s Power Casting

The soap scored with its hire of daytime legend Eva LaRue. The former All My Children star is playing Natalia Rogers-Ramirez, Blaze’s mother, and debuted on February 26 episode.

Additionally, Jeff Leaf made several appearances in February 2024 as O’Neill.
Virginia Ma has been seen rather regularly as Nina Reeves’ (Cynthia Watros) new assistant Madison; her credits include The

Thundermans and Magnum PI.

February was a busy month in Port Charles as it was February Sweeps. On February 2, 2024 we saw William Lipton return as Cameron Webber. Cam left in March 2023 when his character left for Stanford.

Cam was in town for Spencer Cassadine’s (Nicholas Alexander Chavez) funeral and his portrayer is now on Amazon’s series The Runarounds.

Speaking of Chavez, it was announced this week that he is out as Spencer. Chavez left to star in the Netflix series Monster, about the Menendez brothers’ parental assassinations. Maybe we should have seen the writing on the wall when he unfollowed all of his GH castmates upon his departure?

We last saw Spencer on January 31—tell us GH fans, do you think the role should be recast?

General Hospital Spoilers: Tantalizing Cast Changes--Epic Returns, Shock Exits, Thrilling Newbies!

General Hospital Spoilers: Faves Came Back

In brighter news, Adam J. Harrington is now in the role of John “Jagger” Cates. He replaces Antonio Sabato Jr. nearly 30 years after fans last saw the lawman.

Fans will see Ellen Travolta as Gloria Cerullo during the week of May 13 when she shows up for a very Q wedding.

Morgan Fairchild was just back as snooty, snotty Haven de Haviland, a guest role she’s nailed to perfection.

General Hospital: Sudden Cast Changes

Michael E. Knight reportedly is on a temporary leave of absence as Martin Gray and there is no return date listed.

Also gone is Avery Pohl as Esme Prince. We last saw her on the January 31, 2024 episode when both Esme and Spencer fell into the frigid ocean waters, presumably meeting a watery grave. Why do we think this is not the actual reality?

Tell us GH fans, what casting news makes you sad, and which makes you happy?

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with GH right now. Come back here often for General Hospital spoilers, news, and updates.

  1. Sylvia-Holli says

    I like returns and additions on GH but sad Spencer and Esme are gone. Also disappointed the baddie Jerome (Ava’s sister) was killed off before even returning to fulfill a juicy plot line.

    1. Candy+Martinelli says

      So sad that Spencer is going to be recast! Absolutely love Nicholas Alexander Chavez as Spencer! Nobody better.

  2. Violet says

    Sonny needs his right dosage of meds pls don’t let Ava and Valentin /nina in on what was found out abt her /their part in meds altering just replace meds with right dosage and see what happens Sonny needs msg to get back on right track he had his good n bad performance/ personality he is a good guy when he is on his right dosage of meds.

  3. […] In what appears to be an office at Pentonville Prison, Valentin and Brennan updates Brennan on Sonny’s tampered with meds, and they cook up a shocking plot! […]

  4. […] But let’s focus on Ava; lately, she’s been up to something mysterious, even more so than her usual shady behavior-constantly hovering around Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard), micromanaging his every move. […]

  5. […] When Drew Cain (Cameron Mathison) disappeared the first time, the boys had wanted Drew and Jason to get along-it was their fondest dream. However, since both Drew and Jason have miraculously appeared again, it’s a different story-Danny craves Jason’s attention and Jake hates him. […]

  6. […] The Jerome family was once large and in charge in Port Charles, New York. In case you missed it, Julian “killed” Olivia Jerome in 1990. Except that she didn’t die, she showed herself once again in 2017. At that time she orchestrated the car bomb that killed Morgan Corinthos (Bryan Craig) (we think he’s still dead). […]

  7. […] Ava’s been acting very sketchy, so it’s hard to believe that this is her intent. Especially as she’s gone out of her way to alienate Sonny from those closest in his life. […]

  8. […] That being said, will anyone be able to stop her if she starts to use Ace as the last connection she has to make her feel like she’s still close to the love she lost with Spencer? […]

  9. […] Although Valentin has tried to cover his tracks, Anna already suspects that Valentin is working for the Pikeman Group. She believes that Charlotte was sent to Switzerland so Valentin could come and go there without it looking suspicious since many arms deals are done in Switzerland. […]

  10. […] Natalia is trying to be accepting of Blaze’s romance with Kristina Corinthos-Davis (Kate Mansi) but it has been a slow process. It doesn’t seem as if Natalia has any qualms with Blaze’s sexuality on a personal level. […]

  11. […] TJ predicted this situation would turn into a disaster. It would’ve been easier for them to choose a surrogate they didn’t know since they no longer would have to deal with them anymore, […]

  12. […] Natalia is already overstepping out of bounds with everyone at Deception Cosmetics, making ridiculous demands to allow her daughter, Blaze aka Alison Rogers (Jacqueline Grace Lopez) to keep working for them. […]

  13. […] Despite her efforts to calm him down and get him to open up, Sonny will choose to take a walk instead. Little does he know that this walk will lead him to a chance encounter with Natalia Rogers-Ramirez (Eva La Rue) in the park, where they will bond even further. […]

  14. […] Chase and Brook Lynn’s wedding ceremony might not have any drama. This is a change-up for ABC soap weddings. Sasha is one of the guests at their wedding. She could end up catching the bouquet. This could reveal something about her future with Chase. […]

  15. […] To that end, she does more investigating into the situation. So, how did this pill thing come to be? Will Ava find out? Or will she lose it when she learns that Sonny had a proposition for Natalia? […]

  16. […] Nina realized she had been bamboozled by her BFF and finally signed her divorce papers to the mob boss and officially ended her friendship with Ava. This signaled the end of an era for the Sona romance and Niva friendship. […]

  17. […] It is also teased that Natalia will try to score an invite to Chase and Brook Lynn’s wedding. By the end of the week, Sonny has a proposition for Natalia.  […]

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