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General Hospital Spoilers: Two Actors Leaving the Show

General Hospital Spoilers: Two Actors Leaving the Show

General Hospital (GH) spoilers reveal two actors are leaving the show. A lot of rumors have been swirling lately. Keep on reading to learn more.

General Hospital Spoilers: Rumors Floating Around

The General Hospital spoilers suggest there have been rumors floating around. Most of the talk surrounded Brook Lynn Quartermaine (Amanda Setton), Emma Drake (Brooklyn Rae Silzer), Gregory Chase (Gregory Harrison), Harrison Chase (Jason Swickard), and Sasha Gilmore (Sofia Mattsson).

Chase and Brook Lynn’s wedding ceremony might not have any drama. This is a change-up for ABC soap weddings. Sasha is one of the guests at their wedding. She could end up catching the bouquet. This could reveal something about her future with Chase.

According to the General Hospital spoilers, Gregory Chase may not recover from his struggles with ALS. There are also rumors swirling that the character of Emma Drake might get recast. She could end up returning to the soap.

This could be interesting for Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) and Robert Scorpio (Tristan Rogers). Emma has ties to her family in Port Charles. It’s unclear what brings her back to town. GH fans will have to wait and see what happens.

General Hospital Spoilers: Two Actors Leaving the Show

GH Spoilers: Two Actors Leaving Show?

The General Hospital spoilers suggest there will be two departures. The ABC soap has seen a dramatic shakeup in the past year alone. GH fans might be happy to hear that Cynthia Watros, who plays Nina Reeves, could be leaving the show.

Another actor whose job isn’t safe is Michael Easton, who plays Doctor Hamilton Finn. This is just hearsay at the moment. Nothing has been confirmed. Neither actor has confirmed whether the rumors are true.

The General Hospital spoilers also suggest that Nina Reeves could look different. This means that her role could end up getting recast. As GH fans already know, recasts are quite common on the daytime soap. Most of the characters have been recast in recent years.

There’s going to be a shakeup in Port Charles. It’ll be interesting to see if any of these rumors are true. It’s hard to see Nina Reeves leaving the show, even if she’s a polarizing character. Fans have been split as to whether she serves a purpose on the soap.

What are your thoughts on these rumors? Who do you think is leaving the show? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. Kathy says

    Nina should be gone b4 anyone else. She’s not a very good actress, as recently, she was in a love scene & looked & acted pathetical.
    Dr Finn needs to stay & the new writers should come up with story lines rather than firing them. because the writers have brain freeze!

    1. katherine dennewitz says

      agree with you can’t stand her and her buggy eyes plus all her lies

  2. Vicky says

    I hope Nina is not recast. she’s a great actress and has a lot of spanking when they allow it. All her drama involves men. she needs a new story line. she could be really funny too. Find something GH, I’d hate to see her go

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  4. Kelly says

    Don’t get rid of Dr. Finn. He’s the best. Nina can go, she’s not a very good actress!

    1. katherine dennewitz says

      yes let nina go keep finn

  5. Charlotte Morgan says

    Please release the actress that portrays Nina!! She is not pleasant to watch and is not a very good actor. She doesn’t need to be replaced. Finn is a really great actor and easy on the eyes. Keep him if at all possible! Thank you!

  6. […] Josslyn ‘Joss’ Jacks (Eden McCoy) is, of course, worried sick that it’ll be the last thing Dex ever does, but Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) made her a hefty promise that he won’t let any harm come to Dex — and she’s hoping he’ll come through on his word just like he always has. For Jason though, this will be a heavier lift than he thought. […]

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  8. Kp says

    if anyone needs to go it’s Molly and kristina, this surrogate thing is terrible and Kristina is a whinny thing oh and she can take blaze and blazes family with her.

  9. Veronica Walters says

    I would love to see Nina go! She doesn’t need a recast. Dr. Finn can stay.

  10. Monica Wilson says

    I want Nina and Finn to stay. Please.

  11. Judy says

    I hope they don’t let Nina go or recast her. She is one of the people that makes the show interesting. Cynthia Watros is a fantastic actress. if they are looking to loose characters loose JOSSLYN, DEX AND TRINAthey are the worst on the show

  12. Imogene says

    Leave Nina alone,

  13. Deb says

    I’m not a Nina lover but she should not be let go. I love the storyline with her and Drew having hate sex and can’t wait until they get caught. hope the show soon gets more exciting. I really hoped they would keep Gregory Harrison but I guess thatbis not happening 😕.

  14. Gwendolyn says


  15. Dan Lamantia says

    My comment is on something else that happened awhile ago, when other people made ridiculous gross comments about Robert & Diane kissing & being together but nobody had anything to say about two women kissing like it’s the best thing ever that people need to see.

  16. Louh says

    I think Cyrus Reno and Valentine would be great dead or imprisoned. But we know the bad guys never leave. Get rid of all Pikeman people and their mess!

  17. Annamaria says

    Nina can go. She has caused too many problems. Keep Fin, bring back Spencer and Love,Love,Love Dex and Joss

  18. karon says

    Nina should stay, she can’t help how the writers are writing her scenes. She has had it hard ever since coming to Port Charles, babies, stolen from her, she thought one was dead, only to find out no not dead but stolen and not only one but two, Its enough to make anyone a bit crazing. She needs a redemption story just like everyone else, especially Carly, who apparently can do no wrong.

  19. Marilyn Jones says

    If Nina has to go let her go out with a bang, let Carly catch her Drew having sex. I would rather see Nina than Josslyn and Trina they need to go back to school out of state. I’ll be glad when they find out who’s behind pikeman that’s getting old too.

  20. Connie says

    you need to get rid of Nina. she’s such a whinney person. keep Dr Finn. I’m sad Gregory is leaving. I hope they find out what is going on with Sonny and his medication b4 it’s to late I love Sonny. He’s the best

  21. Trae says

    I actually like the role of Nina on the show. I love a crazy woman on a soap opera. The actress however is very distracting. She walks clumsy, her right eye always looks dead, lips chapped, bad teeth and no chin. To have such a popular character look this bad with men supposedly falling over her I’m going to need the character to look and act the part.

  22. June says

    Ava and Dex needs to go! She is horrible! Dex’s storyline is corny.

  23. Hootie says

    It would be a big mistake to let Gregory Harrison go as the character “Gregory Chase”. He is so loved and appreciated. Nice looking, too!

  24. Reba says

    If someone has to go I hope it’s Nina. I don’t like her character or the actress that plays her. I hope Finn doesn’t leave. He’s a great character. Also it would be just another failed relationship for Elizabeth. Why can’t she ever have a happily ever after?

  25. Sandra says

    Nina HAS TO GO she can take Drew with her and have hate-sex some place else Finn can stay give him and Liz a story line

  26. Sandra says

    Nina Has TO Go and take Drew with her they can go and have Hate-Sex some place else Finn can stay just give him and Liz a storyline

  27. Stevie lovely says

    Love phinn,can’t stand Nina or ava

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