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General Hospital (GH) Spoilers: CONFIRMED – Jake Webber Still Being Played by Hudson West

General Hospital (GH) spoilers and updates reveal it’s been a while since viewers saw Jake Webber, Elizabeth Baldwin (Rebecca Herbst), and Jason Morgan’s (Steve Burton) son, on “GH.” So when he appeared last March 17, many were left wondering if the character was recast. Good news! Hudson West continues to play the character. Some people may have not recognized him at first because he’s much bigger now and he also has longer hair than the last time he was seen on screen.

West Confirms Return To General Hospital

The actor confirmed in a tweet, “Yes, that was me,” referring to his appearance on Franco Baldwin’s (Roger Howarth) memorial last month. “I had a huge growth spurt the last year and a half!” West explained. West was last seen on the soap back in December 2019. Perhaps, that’s why some viewers were unable to recognize him.

COVID-19 Delayed His Return To Soap

Viewers may recall that soaps were forced to cease all production efforts because of the coronavirus pandemic. Productions resumed after several months but because of the safety protocols set in place, child actors were restricted from returning to work, which caused further delay to the actor’s return to the show. But he’s definitely happy to be back on screen and fans are glad to see him as well.

Who is Hudson West?

For those who didn’t know, Hudson West appeared on other TV series and films. He’s one of the casts of “Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2,” “Grey’s Anatomy,” and “American Crime Story.” He joined General Hospital in 2016. As a toddler, the character of Jake Webber was portrayed by twins Edward and James Nigbor. The character returned in 2015, it was only James who played the role. A year later, the character was recast when West signed up with the soap.

Recent episodes showed that Jake visited his father in jail. Jason has been denied bail and currently behind bars in Pentonville as he awaits his trial. But he refused to believe that he killed Franco. He believes his father is innocent and he made this known to his mother, Elizabeth. The latter is unsure if Jason is innocent especially since Cameron Webber (William Lipton) is certain that he is the culprit and it’s about time for him to pay for his crimes.

Fans were relieved to see West back on screen and hoped for him to stay. The actor was quick to reply to such comments and said, “Thank you! I want to stay, too.!” Stay tuned to find out how Jake will deal with his father’s imprisonment.

  1. Ilia Teems says

    Needs more air time love Jake.

  2. Moon says

    I love jake I also though he wasn’t the sane jake nobody want to see na happy nobody they don’t want them to be happy well to bad I do want them to be happy after what I been waiting on should have bought them together sooner than later now it seem like they can’t be happy which it’s a damn shame I see the chemistry it’s there if nobody else see it I see it and what the went through together you mean to tell me that writers can’t find a decent story for them if they can’t I feel so sorry for them

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