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General Hospital Spoilers: Asher Antonyzyn Reveals Future Twists for Danny and Jason

General Hospital Spoilers: Asher Antonyzyn Reveals Future Twists for Danny and Jason

General Hospital spoilers and updates tease Asher Antonyzyn, also known on the soap as Danny Morgan, reveals future twists for Danny and his father Jason Morgan (Steve Burton).

Danny was a baby when Jason “died” the first time, becoming Patient Six, and didn’t spend a lot of time with him when he returned and “died” again!

General Hospital Spoilers: Daddy, We Hardly Knew Ya..

Both Danny and his half-brother Jake Webber (Hudson West) have abandonment issues stemming from their father’s disappearances and resurrections, plus a couple of their uncle’s!

When Drew Cain (Cameron Mathison) disappeared the first time, the boys had wanted Drew and Jason to get along-it was their fondest dream. However, since both Drew and Jason have miraculously appeared again, it’s a different story-Danny craves Jason’s attention and Jake hates him.

So for the next five years, after Jason’s first disappearance, Danny only knew of his father through other people’s memories and photos. Reportedly, the role of Danny Morgan was passed through a few actors and ultimately landing with Asher Antonyzyn in 2023 who made his acting debut as Danny.

GH Spoilers: Asher Provided Some Hints About Danny’s Storyline And Relationship With Jason

In a recent chat with Soaps In Depth, Asher opened up about Danny’s storyline and his growing connection with his on-screen dad, Jason Morgan. “Initially, I thought I’d only be around for a short while, but then Steve Burton returned as Jason, and I saw an opportunity to explore their relationship further,” he shared.

“It was pretty awesome how it all unfolded!” Asher also shared some interesting insights about his similarities with his on-screen father, Steve Burton; saying “I watched my first scenes, but I’m not a fan of watching myself,” he admitted.

Then he said “I discussed this with Steve Burton, and he said he feels the same way. We both tend to overthink things when we watch ourselves. It’s a bit cringeworthy for me!”

General Hospital Spoilers: Asher Antonyzyn Reveals Future Twists for Danny and Jason

General Hospital Spoilers: Where Do Jason And Danny Go From Here?

The most recent spoilers for GH reveal that Jason and Danny are bonding more as they spend quality time together, although Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) has been quick to end it.

After Danny was found by Jason in his room over Bobbie’s trying on his leather jacket, Jason respected Sam by bringing Danny home-he’d climbed the fire escape.  Sam might not be thrilled about Danny getting closer to his father, fearing Danny is a risk taker and forbade both to see each other.

How will this dynamic impact Jason and Sam’s relationship, as well as their relationship with Danny? Hopefully Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna) managed to talk some sense into Sam in a recent episode!

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