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General Hospital Spoilers: Is Ryan And Esme’s Relationship TOO Close

General Hospital spoilers and rumors tease that Ryan Chamberlain (Jon Lindstrom) and Esme Prince’s (Avery Kristen Pohl) relationship might be a little TOO close, and may even smack of father-daughter reciprocated sexual attraction, or at least that is how many General Hospital fans took it when their relationship was revealed in a recent episode!

General Hospital Spoilers – Strange Touches And Looks

General Hospital viewers noted some pretty strange touches and looks between the two of them, almost like a couple who loves each other romantically – which is very inappropriate; those General Hospital viewers saw an older man and a much younger girl who were possibly inappropriately bonded. Although it is doubtful that ABC, which is owned by Disney, would go with any type of a currently happening incest story, the makings certainly appeared to be there as Ryan looked at Esme with adoring looks and she looked at him the same.

But their behavior with each other also smacked of abuse and a daughter afraid to oppose her iron rule father – when she tried to stand up to him and threatened to expose him to Uncle Kevin Collins (Jon Lindstrom) he grabbed her wrist, which made her wince! Then, again sending very mixed messages, he stroked her hair and called her his “beautiful, gifted daughter” after once again getting her “under control” and she looked at him with pure worship and adoration! There is definitely something strange going on in these two’s relationship!

GH Spoilers – How Did They Find Each Other?

General Hospital viewers know that, unless Esme lied about her birth and adoption story, that she was adopted and her adoptive parents died and she was raised by a nanny with several other children. However, when Spencer Cassadine (Nicholas Chavez) trust fund was cut off and they were kicked out their Metro Court suite, Esme clearly said that her parents cut off her trust fund so she couldn’t pay the bill either! It was more recently that Esme has talked about being raised by a nanny and that her adoptive parents had died, and even more of a mystery is how she and her birth father found each other; did Ryan know about her all along and give her up?

General Hospital viewers also wonder who Esme’s birth mother is, or was – someone has had to have been paying for her suddenly cut off trust fund and her education at a private school in France! Not to mention this plot has probably been going on much longer than anyone would think – she may have been planted in Spencer’s school solely to go after him to get to Port Charles!

General Hospital Spoilers: Is Ryan And Esme's Relationship TOO Close

General Hospital Spoilers – This Father And Daughter Relationship Shows Many Troubling Signs

General Hospital viewers sense that this father and daughter relationship not only shows many troubling signs, it also could show that Ryan and Esme have known each other and of each other for a long time. General Hospital viewers also have wondered if Esme is actually older than she appears to be, possibly closer to the back end of her twenties than the front end, given that she had to have been conceived during the twenty-five years Ryan was presumed dead!

They act like they have known each other much longer than Spencer was in the school in France, so it really doesn’t make sense that Esme and Spencer met randomly. Longtime General Hospital viewers also would not be surprised at an incestuous vibe between Ryan and Esme, considering that his own mother molested him as a child that he may be passing on to her!

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