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General Hospital Spoilers: Sam Worries It’s Too Late to Save Danny from His Father

General Hospital Spoilers: Sam Worries It’s Too Late to Save Danny from His Father

General Hospital Spoilers report Jason Morgan’s (Steve Burton) return to town is shaking everyone up — and his children are certainly no exception.

Danny Morgan’s (Asher Antonyzyn) first instinct was to tattle on Jason when he found him in the boathouse — injured and hiding out, a fugitive from justice.

But it took only moments for Jason to convince Danny to not only keep his secret but help him through his ordeal. Now, Danny has bonded with his father all over again, and Jake Spencer (Hudson West) can barely make sense of what his little brother is thinking.

General Hospital Spoilers — Coming to Blows

Danny has been struggling to make sense of his 14-year-old life for months. Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) was concerned when she found out he snuck out with friends last month to get drunk. His reckless behavior — climbing down the fire escape from their penthouse apartment — reminded her far too much of Jason.

Praying ever since that the apple fell farther from the tree than it felt like it had, Sam was hopeful that Danny could put this snafu behind him and stay on the straight and narrow.

Learning from Jason that he pulled their son into his web of lies was hardly what she expected when Sam went to see her ex-husband at the PCPD.

All the while, her son was letting loose in a very different way with his big brother back at the Quartermaine’s. As Danny and Jake threw down and threw punches, Aiden Webber (Enzo de Angelis) shouted for them to stop from the sidelines.

The irony is Jason would never advocate for that kind of violence, but Danny can’t stomach hearing anyone attack his father right now.

GH Spoilers Leak Jake Resists the Truth

The truth is that Jason didn’t shoot Dante. When Jake is forced to accept that as reality, he may still push back against it.

General Hospital Spoilers: Sam Worries It’s Too Late to Save Danny from His Father

The problem is that Jake is so angry with Jason for leaving him in the first place. Having a fugitive father return from the grave was embarrassing enough at school and in front of his friends.

He just wants to forget about where he came from and is hoping for a swift trial that finds his dad guilty and locks him away forever. At least, that’s what he’s pretending he wants to see happen. This couldn’t be farther from the truth.

General Hospital Spoilers — Trouble is Brewing

Jake and Danny are both likely to pay the price for their actions on the heels of their mothers catching wind of what went down at the boathouse.

But Sam is far more concerned with why Danny didn’t tell her he had seen and assisted Jason. But as Sam barrelled down at Danny insisting he can never help his father again, it became crystal clear to Danny that he’s going to be forced to choose a side — and unfortunately for Sam, he’s going to choose Team Dad.

Of course, he can’t be of much help to him now, but that doesn’t mean Sam’s attitude toward Jason won’t push Danny closer to him — just as Jake unknowingly is.

Will Jason’s return mark the beginning of a strained relationship between Sam and her son? Let us know your thoughts, and stay tuned for more GH news and spoilers just ahead.

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