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General Hospital Spoilers: Possible Clue Mac Scorpio Could Be Recast

General Hospital: Mac Scorpio (John J. York)

General Hospital (GH) spoilers tease a possible clue that Mac Scorpio (John J. York) could be recast. The actor shared an update about his health. Read on to learn more.

GH Spoilers: John J. York’s Health Status

According to the General Hospital spoilers, John J. York shared the latest update on his cancer journey. He admitted that he has “a long road ahead” of him. The 65-year-old first shared in September that he has two blood and bone marrow disorder diagnoses. He took to social media to share an update with his fans.

“Hey there, everyone. It’s me and I’m checking in,” York shared. “I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, ‘Why did Mac shave his beard?’ I didn’t shave my beard. I actually shaved the little bits of hair that were still left there. Everything’s going along very well.”

The GH star shared that he’s in the “middle stages” of his cancer journey. He also stated that he has “a long road ahead.” Regardless, York is remaining in good spirits during this time. He also revealed whether he will return to the show.

“The test results are looking good… I’m feeling good,” York continued. “Hopefully, hopefully, if things go the way they are, maybe [I’ll] be back on the show late spring, early summer.”

General Hospital: Mac Scorpio (John J. York)

In his message, York thanked the General Hospital fans for their love, prayers, and support during this time. He concluded his message with a holiday greeting. York also rubbed his bald head as he joked that it would bring some good luck.

General Hospital Spoilers: Will Mac Scorpio Get Recast?

The General Hospital spoilers suggest that his character could get recast. This theory was brought up days after his holiday message. The user Mark1965 posted on the Message Boards: “Has anyone heard if John J. York will be temporarily recast? From his social media updates it sounds like he will not be back until early summer.”

GH fans took to the thread to react. One user noted: “From what I understand the show will not recast the role of Mac until John is ready to return. There was a passing reference over the holidays from Felicia that Mac was in South America looking into something.”

Other fans don’t want another recast. They’re already fed up with the recent recasts that took over the daytime soap. Fans are ready to welcome back York when he’s healthy and ready.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Mac Scorpio will get recast? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. Cassidy says

    GH has dragged out the DNA test this long – too long when they could have fixed it over the summer. GH pretty much blew this story arc to bits never utilizing the rich history from Dominique and Mac. They can salvage it – but not by dragging this out any further.
    It will be almost two years since we started climbing up the Cody/Mac DNA Ladder (that was late August 2021 at the Q’s Barbeque) when Mac met Cody and looked like he’d seen a ghost.
    My Point is – they’ve dragged it out this long – let’s wait for Mac. There are certainly creative ways of doing this – and Mac can easily get kidnapped in South America. May sweeps are always great for rescue missions.
    The one thing – we fans want the DNA secret out – at least to Maxi and Felicia and want Cody’s downward spiral of always making the wrong move to stop. Get this story at least partially over with so we can move onto another 2 year DNA fiasco – but to move on we fans need to see forward progression in the story. (Yes we do keep track!) Give John J York a chance to be the front burner guy and a shot at a great Emmy reel.
    Seriously – there is enough bad karma between Spinelli and Robert to go several rounds with Cody before May or June when Mac can return or get rescued. Allowing at least Felicia and Maxi to know Cody is Mac’s son will provide that undercurrent. Dish up some Spinelli green-eyed monster jealousy and Robert’s arrogance to always find fault with everything Cody does will be enough.

    Please stop Cody from continually going down another rabbit hole with the DNA testing and making things worse. Let Maxi, Felicia, and Cody start becoming a family that he’s never had – bring out his past because we all know with all that self-doubt there is some abusive behavior in there somewhere.

  2. Diane O says

    No I don’t want to see that happen.

  3. ?Nina & Sonny? says

    Of course, Sonny will understand and forgive Nina for having Martin tip off the SEC. It’s really no big deal ~ After all, Carly and Drew were guilty of insider trading. Surely Sonny will support and realize the frustration Nina had towards Carly after all the egregious pain and suffering Carly has caused Nina.

  4. Lee Kristek says

    Please do not EVER replace him.

  5. Cooker123 says

    I hope they don’t do a temporary recast. No one can fill his shoes. Leave him out of the country on business,. Let John record a lot of voice bites. Felicia could be video chatting and we could hear but not see Mac. Whatever it takes to let him know he’s irreplaceable and we’ll stand by him and his recovery. He job should be the least of his concern….

  6. Nancy says

    John york is a good person and a great actor
    his fans really want to see him come back to General Hospital but his health comes first
    we miss you come back soon to General Hospital take care stay safe happy holidays to you and your family!

  7. Louh says

    I wouldn’t mind a temp recast if necessary. He needs to recover and not worry about his job. No one can fill his shoes but we need to keep his character alive so when he get back everyone won’t say who is that
    character. Just get well we need our real Mac.

    1. Betty Hogan says

      I think temp recast is good idea. I Mac won’t be back till middle of next year and the story line with Cody and him which is developing, we can’t let this story drag on and lose effect.

  8. BJ says

    Sure, a temporary recast is in order as long as the spot is open for him as soon as he is able to return to work. What could possibly be the problem with that? Give another actor a paying job while giving John York the time he needs to focus on his health.

  9. BJR says

    Sure, a temporary recast is in order as long as the spot is open for him as soon as he is able to return to work. What could possibly be the problem with that? Give another actor a paying job while giving John York the time he needs to focus on his health.

  10. Cat says

    If a SL line needs the character, I would not be opposed. That said the role is John’sALWAYS. He should never be replaced permanently.

  11. Soapfanghforever says

    I knew you sneaky abc/general hostipal un though full people a man all his years at Mac and finally a great story line for him to have his own a kid and in real life actor get a life threatening accident to him and you jump not to save him and care for him but jump for the story and get someone else is unfair not the .abc/gh sad very sad .only Mac !!!!? And showing Monica once the orignal so glad she is alive
    But when will Nina get punished

  12. Ann Phillips says

    Please don’t recast John! We love him playing Mac! Prayers for his complete recovery!

  13. Redrage502 says

    I don’t mind a temporary substitute for Mac. We all know he’ll only be there long enough for John to feel 100% healthy and strong enough to come back.
    We don’t want him to hurry, so if John isn’t back until fall that’s OK. We want him to take care of himself; that’s most important thing.
    Having NO Mac for most of the year will be hard to work around,
    Let’s face it. The fact that Cody IS Mac’s son will come out sooner rather than later. We want Mac there to be involved in this.
    Do we want it to be John York? Of course we do.
    But it may not make sense in a ‘projected timeline’.
    Let’s send all our prayers for John to be recovered, healthy and ready to take on all the shenanigans at Port Charles.

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