General Hospital Spoilers: Who Should Austin Be Paired With? Vote Now!

General Hospital spoilers reveal Austin Holt continuing to muck it up with the Quartermaines, especially Brook Lynn. But he needs a true love interest at this point to make him a viable soap character. Who should that love interest be? You tell us!

General Hospital Spoilers: Could It Be Maxie Jones?

With Maxie (Kirsten Storms), it seems Austin (Roger Howarth) has already seen everything as their first encounter had him delivering her baby in the woods. That then bonded them for life and now they are becoming friends although it seems like Austin is avoiding romance. He even looked a bit perplexed when she invited him as her date to the Jarly wedding.

If Austin and Maxie ever did pursue a romance, he’d also have to forgive her for lying to him about where the baby he delivered disappeared to. As we all know, she wasn’t kidnapped and is living with the Qs as Brook Lynn’s baby, Bailey. Austin may not take too kindly to such blatant trickery.

Willow Out Of Nowhere

While Willow Tait (Katelyn MacMullen) and Austin have barely exchanged two words whenever he’s walked into the Q living room, he was the one who outed her affair with Michael (Chad Duell) to Chase (Josh Swickard), so he’s seen a lot and knows a lot about her.

At the moment, Willow is disillusioned with Michael and starting to figure out he’s not the charming, upstanding, mellow guy she thought she was. Austin might look pretty appealing now that she already burned things to the ground with Chase.

General Hospital Spoilers: Who Should Austin Be Paired With? Vote Now!

What About Elizabeth Webber Baldwin?

We already know Rebecca Herbst and Roger Howarth have chemistry in spades, but so far, General Hospital has not seemed to want to use the magic they already had on-screen and then destroyed when they inexplicably decided to kill Franco Baldwin. So, here is Howarth again as a new character and the two performers have barely been in scenes together.

Whatever GH is trying to do with Elizabeth and Hamilton Finn is not working at all, so perhaps the show should go with what they know works, and that’s Howarth and Herbst together. Should this be the pairing or would someone new do? Let us know in the General Hospital poll below.

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  1. I think Austin should be with Nina. Although Howarth was paired with Michelle Stafford, the previous Nina, this would be an interesting pair. Back then, Franco got Nina to lighten up and let go of her delusions and irrational anger, so maybe Austin can help her let go of her self-destructive streak that always renders her “the victim.”

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