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General Hospital Spoilers: Ava is Furious — Is It Ryan, or Nikolas?

General Hospital Spoilers: Ava is Furious — Is It Ryan, or Nikolas?

General Hospital spoilers reveals Ava Jerome Cassadine (Maura West) has just decided she might want to take her own advice. When she counseled Trina Robinson (Tabyana Ali) on matters of the heart, advising her to follow what hers says, Ava realized she hasn’t been doing much of that. Rushing to Wyndemere to confirm for herself whether Victor Cassadine’s (Charles Shaugnessy) hints about Nikolas Cassadine (Marcus Coloma) moving on were true or not, Ava may not leave the castle a happy wife with a happy life. This is just the beginning, too.

General Hospital Spoilers — Nikolas is Nervous

When Ava shows up unannounced, Nikolas’ first thought is how happy he is to see her. Of course, that quickly changes as he comes back to reality and remembers he has a pregnant hostage in the house. Having Ava there too just feels too close for comfort. When she hints around to the possibility of a reconciliation, Nikolas is both elated and overwhelmed at the thought of it. He knows Ava cannot move home until he figures out what he’s going to do with Esme Prince (Avery Kristen Pohl) and his child, but how can he delay such without giving rise to suspicion?

GH Spoilers Indicate Ava Heads Back to Spring Ridge

When Ava leaves Wyndemere feeling rebuffed by Nikolas and not getting the warm reception she wanted, she’s going to be in the mood for messing with someone else’s feelings. For whatever reason, it’s always easier for her to take her anger out on Ryan Chamberlain (Jon Lindstrom) than anyone else. She’s going to head back to Spring Ridge, sans the PCPD this time. When she meets with Ryan, a curious Heather Webber (Alley Mills) will be watching. Heather is the jealous type, and Ryan will probably find she is eyeing Ava like a piece of meat she’s ready to skewer after she taunts and teases her infamous “lover.” Will Heather start to feel as territorial about Ava as Ryan does?

General Hospital Spoilers: Ava is Furious — Is It Ryan, or Nikolas?

General Hospital Spoilers — Fury Will Follow

Word on the street is Ava is going to leave Spring Ridge angrier than she was when she left Wyndemere. What might happen while she’s there to stir up such emotion? Will she get the slightest inkling that Ryan isn’t really as locked-in as he claims to be? Probably not, because that would unnerve her and make Ava fearful more so than furious. Is Heather going to let something slip that Ava wasn’t ready to hear? Stay tuned for more GH news, updates, and spoilers to find out what that may be.

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