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General Hospital (GH)Spoilers: Emma Samms Opens Up About Her Return To PC – What She Has To Say

General Hospital (GH) spoilers say that Emma Samms was supposed to come back to reprise her role as Holly back in March 2020, but unfortunately Covid hit a little too close to home. The actress says that she caught the virus very early on in the pandemic and because of the lockdown, she was unable to travel to Los Angeles to film her long-awaited comeback to Port Charles. One year later, and she’s still not sure when she will be back. Here’s what she has to say.

General Hospital Star Emma Samms Opens Up About Her Return To Port Charles

Unfortunately, Emma says that her illness, along with the entertainment industry’s shut down had left her reprisal as Holly in limbo. That’s because she had to stay back home in England because of all the travel restrictions that we brought on by the pandemic. However, Emma says that she did manage to do one scene remotely in her guestroom. She says that she did it to assure viewers that reports of Holly’s death had been exaggerated. But at the same time, she can’t wait to get back to Los Angeles and of course, back on the set of General Hospital. But as far as when it’s going to happen remains to be seen.

General Hospital Spoiler: When Is Holly Coming Back?

Emma says, “It’s a lovely thought for me, which in that when this is all over, and when I get healthy again – and I will – I mean, Frank Valentini has been amazing and said, ‘Just let us know. Just give us six weeks warning and you are back.’ I am so grateful for that because it is a light at the end of the tunnel.”

In the meantime, Emma is putting all of her energy and her ability to use her platform to call attention to and help praise money for research into long-haul Covid. We will definitely update you with all the latest details of Emma’s return to General Hospital along with her work as soon as it comes. Watch this space as we have a feeling that we will be seeing Emma back on the small screen sooner rather than later. Here’s what you need to know!

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  1. Fire says

    I think the writers should take notes from others soap they learn something bc they clearly have no clue of what they doing and they see not all things is black and white I got to tell you keeping secrets story is the only thing they know about which I hate they need to come up with something other than that we been through that with peter that the only things writers know how to write is keeping from one another which is a terrible idea

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  3. Delois White says

    I have been mad at the GH writers ever since the breakup of Robert & Holly. Yeah, it’s a long time. They were my couple. They were refreshing. When they brought Holly back, it was lackluster (Bill Eckert). That was a slap in the face. Oh, lets not forget Ethan is Luke’s son or the antidote ransom crap. That was a stab to the heart. They continue to make Holly the bad guy when the other characters crap is so overlooked. I just want a satisfactory sl for Robert & Holly or the very least an attempt. Robert&Holly#1

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  5. Jeanne Roberta says

    As usual Anna gets full credit forPeters finally getting caught.I think if Robert and Anna working together to bring down would be ore enjoyable. Why was Robert not involved instead he stays in port Charles worrying abour Anna what a waste of talent why did tristan rogers back to no storylines

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