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General Hospital Spoilers: Terry Randolph Apologizes To Liz For Not Being Able To Do More To Save Franco

General Hospital Spoilers suggest Liz Baldwin (Rebecca Herbst) and Terry Randolph (Cassandra James) will have a heart-to-heart talk which could lead to Terry’s apology. However, Terry has gone above and beyond to help Liz and her husband, Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth). Will Terry feel compelled to apologize for not being able to save Franco’s life?

Liz Baldwin Has Known Terry Randolph For Years

General Hospital’s Terry grew up with Liz. Terry was Liz’s best friend as a child and they remained close throughout their lifetime. Liz was there for Terry when she had to face the fact that she could not save Oscar Nero (ex-Garrin Stitt). Now it seems that Terry will be apologizing for not being able to save Franco as well.

Terry has been trying to shrink Franco’s inoperable brain tumor. However, due to an accident, part of the tumor was removed because of internal bleeding. Terry offered to help try and get rid of the tumor so that Franco would survive for her friend. However, Franco’s latest scans prove that the tumor is not changing and now Franco has attacked Peter August (Wes Ramsey). Is this just the start of Franco going evil?

Franco Baldwin Could Be Killed

General Hospital’s Peter has made sure that everyone knows that Franco’s tumor is back. Peter knows that Franco has been hearing his voice and he needs to discredit anything Franco has to say. Peter did not count on Franco having a video that he left himself when he thought he was Drew Cain (ex-Billy Miller). Now, Franco has proof of Peter’s crimes. Unfortunately, Franco has chosen to go after Peter who had planned on gunning for him.

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Franco may have Peter down for the moment but Peter has a gun and isn’t afraid to kill Franco. Franco’s tumor may not be allowing him to think rationally, or it could have pushed him over the edge. Franco should have had the wherewithal to leave his phone with someone else before going after Peter. At least if Franco didn’t survive, his video would have. Franco may have been able to prove the Peter killed him to keep the evidence from coming out.

General Hospital’s Terry could only do what was medically possible for her. Unfortunately for Franco and his family, medical science proved not to be enough. Can Liz see that Terry has done everything she could? Will Liz give Terry the reassurance that she needs to not continue to blame herself for Franco’s death?

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  1. Susan says

    Writers are pushing me they really push it told them if they ever do anything stupid they would end up paying with their life I try to warm them but they didn’t listen so I guess I have show them I mean business mark my words and see don’t I make these stupid motherfucker ass writers pay bc I will ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? the writers trying to test my patients I tell you it’s not to be pretty

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