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General Hospital (GH) Spoilers: Mac Continues To Grieve The Loss Of The Son He Swore He Had

General Hospital: Mac Scorpio (John J. York)

General Hospital spoilers reveal Mac Scorpio (John J. York) just can’t ditch the blues. He was almost certain that Cody Bell (Josh Kelly) was his son. They were so alike and shared many interests that would’ve made becoming father and son, officially, a fun adventure Mac was looking forward to taking. Ever since he found out he isn’t Cody’s father, he can’t help but feel he’s lost something he never really had. It’s as though he’s missing a piece of his life, even though he hardly knows Cody and only thought of him as his son for a mere few weeks. Are Mac’s instincts telling him he’s on the right track, or will he write it all off as wishful thinking?

General Hospital Spoilers — Felicia Scorpio Knows Something Is Wrong

Felicia Scorpio (Kristina Wagner) knows her husband well, and she’s going to recognize the shape he’s in since that fateful day in the GH lobby. When Cody read the results of the paternity test and told them he wasn’t Mac’s son, Felicia watched on as Mac’s face sank. He was in disbelief. In his heart, the test was just a formality because he already knew the truth. When faced with hearing Cody was actually Leopold Taub’s (Chip Lucia) son, Mac struggled to make it make sense — and Felicia reached for the lab results herself trying to somehow do the same. But Mac stopped her short of reading them, which would’ve brought the truth to light. In hindsight, they’ll both grow to regret the way they managed that moment. For now, Mac is sad.

General Hospital: Mac Scorpio (John J. York)

General Hospital Updates – Mac Scorpio Didn’t Know He Wanted A Child of His Own

Mac and Felicia had been toying with the idea of having a child together for months. Recently, they brought the conversation to a head though, and both of them agreed they were at a new stage in their lives where they really enjoyed the fruits of their labor, their careers, and their grandchildren. Neither of them really wanted to start over with nighttime feedings for a baby. However, that doesn’t mean Mac wasn’t longing for the impossible — an already grown child. Now that he faces possibly having one, he can’t get over the pain of it being ripped away from him.

Someone Knows The Truth

Someone else knows the truth about Cody’s intentions, and they’re going to come forward. Will it be Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) or might a stranger make their way to Port Charles who knows Cody from back in the day? Either way, someone will tip Felicia off that there is more to Cody’s paternity story than he has let on. Will she ruin Cody’s chance at scoring a $35 million necklace? How will Mac feel that Cody felt that fortune was more important than having a father? Stay tuned for more GH news and updates.

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  3. LBC says

    Why do viewers have to contend with Mac going through depression due Cody not being his son??? It would be different if Mac knew he had a son out there some where and feel he had been found only then lose him would present quite a different story. Cody actually being Mac’s son is a little depressing as he is noting but trouble. The fact that he lied about the DNA results proves he is not the person Mac would want for a son. Cody needs to be Nina’s child as they both have that over expressive eye thing going which isn’t needed in my opinion. Waiting for GH to tell stories not related to the mob, who is who’s father/mother, baby swapping, getting back at someone who wronged them, etc. as the topics are getting old. Yes these topics are part of soap story telling, but some other topics need to be added to keep viewers interested as now when a story line starts, most almost know how it will end without 3 months of story telling.

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