Why Nina And Ava’s Friendship Works On General Hospital

General Hospital spoilers reveal Ava Jerome continuing to stick by Nina Reeves’ side despite their tumultuous past. It might seem strange that these two female characters should be friends, but it’s actually a friendship that works.

General Hospital Spoilers: Shouldn’t They Be Mortal Enemies?

The rivalry between Ava (Maura West) and Nina (Michelle Stafford and Cynthia Watros) goes back decades to before Nina was ever in that 20-year coma her mother put her in while she was pregnant — we now know with twins. At the time, Madeline Reeves (Donna Mills) had paid Ava to seduce Nina’s husband, Silas Clay (Michael Easton), in order to end her daughter’s marriage. Ava ended up pregnant and passed her baby, Lauren Katherine, aka Kiki, off as Franco Baldwin’s, aka Robert Frank.

Years and years passed and Nina finally emerged from her coma, learning she’d missed half her adult life and was no longer going to be the mom she looked so forward to becoming. She also was furious to learn that Ava was pregnant and was going to have yet another daughter when she had no daughters.

Nina then went off the deep end and kidnapped Ava, inducing labor and then taking off with baby Avery, calling her Jaime Somers after the Bionic Woman, a TV show from Nina’s childhood. After stealing a woman’s baby practically out of her womb, one would think Ava and Nina should be enemies forever, but that’s not what happened.

Why Nina And Ava’s Friendship Works On General Hospital

Two Outcasts Bond In Port Charles

At one time, Nina decided she would make Ava pay by doing a story on her in Crimson called “Midnight In The Garden of Good and Ava” which portrayed Ava in a horrible light. She had a good laugh about it, but Ava did not.

However, these two women somehow found they actually have a lot in common and when they were able to put their anger at one another aside, they learned they probably should have been best girlfriends for years if pesky Silas hadn’t gotten in the way of their lives. They are both wealthy, they both take no prisoners, and they both have something to say about everyone in PC. Plus, they also both hate Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) and that can bond just about anyone. Bring on more Ava and Nina on General Hospital and let them take no prisoners when it comes to Carly.

By Elizabeth Rose

Elizabeth Rose has spent most of her long adult life writing about soaps off and on. She grew up on long-departed soaps Another World, Santa Barbara, All My Children, One Life to Live, and Guiding Light. Since college she has been a General Hospital lover and considers herself to be an encyclopedia of everything daytime.

4 thoughts on “Why Nina And Ava’s Friendship Works On General Hospital”
  1. Problem with the situation, is that Ava didn’t need Nina to bond with as writers had allowed Ava to grow into a character that was more likeable by most. Ava has never been a nut case just a woman exposed to many different facets of life (i.e. the mob and a regular citizen). Writers took time for her story to grow into a likeable character. Nina on the other hand has always been a delusional nut case even when she was involved with Franco who with his problems didn’t feel it was correct for her to take Avery from Ava the way that she did if I remember correctly. The two characters being friends is as outrageous as Sonny’ s involvement with Nina. Nina must have some sort of potion she allows to escape in order for two strong personas as Sonny (was) and Ava is to accept under any circumstances. Okay Ava may just be using Nina as leverage to possibly gain custody of Avery – who knows???

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