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General Hospital Pairings That Just Do Not Work

General Hospital tried something new and daring in 2021 and it may not be paying off the way the show had wanted. It broke up most of its core couples to try them in new pairings, and while some of these new love stories are working, some are just not and it’s time for the soap to cut its losses.

General Hospital’s Finn And Elizabeth Do Not Work

Hamilton Finn (Michael E. Knight) has lost himself a lot of fans over the last few months as GH forced the character into an unworkable pairing with widowed Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst). Many fans could have accepted Liz in a new romance in good time if the character had been allowed to actually mourn her husband, Franco Baldwin. While we will never truly understand why Franco had to be killed off, it is what it is, but it didn’t do any favors for Finn or Liz.

All we know now is that Finn has berated one of Elizabeth’s sons, Jake Webber (Hudson West), has told Elizabeth he doesn’t approve of her going to Shadybrook (why does his opinion count?), chastised her for believing in ghosts, and taken her sons on a camping trip after she told him to leave her and her family alone for now. When you make the male in a new pairing seem like a stalker, it just doesn’t fly.

Austin And Maxie Also Do Not Work

While Maxie Jones needed to no longer be with Peter August because he was one of the most hated characters in General Hospital history, her latest pairing is a dud for one big reason. Kirsten Storms and Roger Howarth do not have any chemistry. While both of these actors have rarely had any problem generating chemistry with others before, it doesn’t work now.

One reason may be that many still see him as Franco, again, a character who never should have been killed off. Sticking him in the same scene as Franco’s stepsons didn’t help the matter at all and made Austin and Maxie even more unlikable.

General Hospital Pairings That Just Do Not Work

Willow And Michael Need To End It

And then where is Willow Tait (Katelyn MacMullen) and Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell). Like Finn was ruined to pair with Elizabeth, Willow has been ruined in her pairing with Michael, going from sympathetic sweet heroine to shrill and high and mighty in a little over a year. When she married Harrison Chase (Josh Swickard) on his deathbed and looked like she was going to be sick when she learned he would live, that was the end of the character’s heroine status.

With Michael essentially telling her what to do every minute of the day and Willow listening to all of it without connecting the dots that her self-righteous self is now part of a crime family, this pairing reeks of rot and needs to end. Stay tuned to General Hospital weekdays to see if the soap finally gives up on these non-love stories.

  1. Jeannette says

    I completely agree with all three couples. They just don’t have the fire necessary to make it work.

  2. Cindy says

    The pair that needs to end that doesn’t work is Sonny and Nina!!!

    1. iisk8 says

      Agreed, the WORST Pairing since Alan and Lucy!!

  3. Babs378156 says

    I think that Carly and Drew should get together. I can see Liz and Finn working as a couple once she leaves Shady Brooke. He just needs to be less controlling. I dont like Sonny and NINA together, she’s turning him into a marshmallow. And Spenser needs to get rid of Esme, no matter what his reason is.

  4. lbc says

    Agree with all on the above list. But Sonny/Nina need to be added. Can’t have “Love In The Afternoon” if pairings don’t present chemistry, just two actors trying to make it work. Perhaps “Love In The Afternoon” is not a part of GH canvas and is a thing of the past.

  5. Kathleen A Brill says

    I think you should call me and I will fly up to NY and we can shoot some screen shots with Finn and myself I think I can make some hot afternoon delight! close your eyes dude and lay back and relax, oh Elizabeth you are to easy and not passionate did you even love him? my word he is so good looking and caring and under the good guy is a hot male that needs to be turned on. I am willing to throw myself on the sword to show all it is not Finn it is just no chemistry. The only man I would have a problem with is Spencer he is to young, my grandkids are his age. Nina needs to go like in go away, leave the marriage alone and see if they can glue it back together. bye little miss Nina, Keep Willow together she is good for Michael just get in some hot scenes!

    1. Just123 says

      I agree…..Nina needs to go because there is no chemistry between her and Sonny….NONE!!
      What the writers have done to the Sonny character is absolutely sickening. It’s one thing to change a character who hasn’t been on for a couple of decades. But to take a well established character, a character that has been developed over many years, and completely change it is one of the most idiotic things these writers have done. And sadly the outcry from fans and viewers doesn’t seem to matter to the writers.
      Unfortunately more and more of us are turning away from GH and moving on. After watching GH for over 45 years it’s heartbreaking to see what is being done to it.

  6. LJR says

    Especially agree with Maxie and Austin. They truly do not work as a pair. And yes, it was too soon! I could see Liz and Finn working, but it took a strange turn. However, I completely disagree about Michael and Willow! Stop changing his character and let him go back to the old Michael. He and Willow were perfect then! Let them both revert to character, marry, have a sibling for Wiley, and be the glue for their entire Quartermaine/Corinthos family!!

  7. Mary says

    I agree Nina & Sonny do not work. I don’t even want to watch GH anymore. They are sickening together. I hate what you’ve done to Sonny’s character. Get rid of Nina!!! Carly & Sonny were so good together. I am so disappointed in this show. Not fun to watch anymore!

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  9. conot says

    sam an dante do not work

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