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Who Is Esme’s Mother On General Hospital?

General Hospital (GH) spoilers and updates tease that General Hospital fans have an interesting question. Who is Esme Prince’s (Avery Kristen Pohl) mother?

General Hospital Spoilers  – What Is Known About Esme Prince

There isn’t a lot known about Esme Prince’s past so far on General Hospital. General Hospital storylines have revealed that Esme met Spencer Cassadine (Nicholas Chavez) at school in France, she apparently is also living off a trust fund as Spencer has been until recently, and she is adopted. Esme did reveal that much about her past, although she didn’t say a lot about her adoptive parents, other than they weren’t all that close. It does seem clear, however, that Esme appears to be drawn to Ryan Chamberlain (Jon Lindstrom) for some reason, and he seems to have known her. General Hospital viewers have noted a resemblance and in recent episodes, it appears that they may be working together. It’s very doubtful that Esme’s mother was one of his past victims, and it is also possible that he may be her birth father. But if Ryan is possibly her birth father that she may have tracked down, who could her mother be?

General Hospital Updates – Ryan Chamberlain Could Have Sown Some Wild Oats While Presumed Dead

General Hospital viewers will recall that when Ryan was revealed to have been alive, he had been working for the DVX during those twenty-five years. It is likely that Ryan was an assassin since that seems to be a skill set that he would be very good at as a spy. Longtime General Hospital viewers and viewers of Port Charles will also recall that Ryan and Kevin Collins’ (Jon Lindstrom) father, Victor Collins (Nicholas Pryor) had been a spy. Even though their parents split when they were small, Victor’s profession would have likely given Ryan a predilection towards that kind of a career when he was in hiding. He started out as a pediatrician. Ryan didn’t really have a lot of girlfriends although he had obsessions – Port Charles viewers will recall that when Ryan and Kevin were very young he stole a girlfriend from him. They were in college at the time. Esme is maybe eighteen or nineteen, and Ryan could have sown some wild oats that produced Esme during those years he was with the DVX.

General Hospital: Esme Prince (Avery Kristen Pohl)

Ryan Chamberlain Wouldn’t Have Known Of Esme Prince

General Hospital viewers can believe that Ryan wouldn’t have known of Esme if she is his birth daughter. Ryan wouldn’t have gotten serious with a woman during his time in the DVX, and she was probably conceived during a one-night stand. It is very believable that Esme has been looking for her birth parents, as many adults or young adult adoptees do. Her birth mother may well be another DVX agent, who didn’t have time to raise her child – it has been suggested in the past it could even have been Alex Devane Marick (Finola Hughes).

It is possible – both Ryan and Kevin and Alex and Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) were in the early memory mapping/transfer studies performed by Dr. Arthur Cabot (Time Winters) and the experiments may not have been performed all that far apart. Or, Ryan could have hooked up with Alex some other way in the course of their spy work. General Hospital viewers wouldn’t be surprised if Peter August (Wes Ramsey) turned out to be Esme’s older half-brother- after all, evil plus evil equals evil, and Esme does seem to have that evil vibe!

Stay tuned to General Hospital, and keep checking General Hospital spoilers frequently for all the latest news, updates, and developments!

  1. Linda Daley says

    WOW!! General Hospital is Getting Really Good, and Love All the NEW STORYLINES !! Please keep Steve Burton, without him the Main Storyline will be a Flop, Jason is involved in about 3 storylines that are really FULL of Suspense, and we NEED HIM plus just look at him What a Knockout and I’m 73…At first I wasn’t to thrilled with Esmi but WOW now I am, she’s quite the Little Bitch and very Good at it !! Let’s just wait and see what happens with her Storyline…As you can see I could go on & on, So G.H. Writers don’t let anyone leave, keep adding more that have left but come Back PLEASE!!

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  3. Diva says

    DelusionalNina is Esme mother. It will come out
    .they are just alike
    Delusional paranoid cracra

    1. Annette says

      Esme is too young to belong to Nina. My hope that Esme is not going to be attached to any woman on the show that keeps her around to much longer .. she is EVIL !!!

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