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Is Steve Burton Leaving General Hospital?

Is Steve Burton Leaving General Hospital?General Hospital spoilers tease that one of the hottest topics burning up the internet and soap Twitter in particular recently is if Steve Burton is leaving General Hospital! Here’s what we do know on the subject.

General Hospital Spoilers – Disney, The Parent Company Of ABC Issued A Vaccine Mandate

General Hospital viewers know that at least in the United States, a vaccine mandate was issued by the president stating that companies of one-hundred or more employees must be fully vaccinated against the Covid-19 virus. Fully vaccinated means at least one Johnson and Johnson shot, or one Moderna or Pfizer shot plus two boosters. Disney, the parent company of ABC, was being pro-active in issuing their own vaccine mandate ahead of President Biden’s.

Prior to the mandate being issued, any employee including actors, set people, camera people, etcetera had to be tested every day they came onto the set or into the studio, in this case being Prospect Park Studios in Hollywood, California. Steve Burton, who as General Hospital viewers know plays Jason Morgan, had tested positive for Covid-19, although he had no symptoms back in August.

General Hospital Spoilers – It Is Not Known If Steve Burton Got The Shot Or Not

General Hospital viewers should know that according to the Centers for Disease Control, or CDC, if a person was created for COVID-19 with monoclonal antibodies or convalescent plasma, he or she should wait 90 days before getting a COVID-19 vaccine. It is not known whether Steve received this treatment or not, but if he did, having to have the shots by the first of November would be cutting it a little close. The guidance also says those who have tested positive but have no symptoms should wait until they meet the criteria for vaccination.

General Hospital viewers do know according to previous proven reports that Steve had no symptoms, and the criteria he’d have to meet to have been vaccinated by November 1st would have been to have isolated himself and then if he continued to have no symptoms, he could be with others after 10 days have passed since he had a positive viral test for COVID-19. If Steve fell in the latter, then he would have been able to get the shot by the deadline.

Is Steve Burton Leaving General Hospital?

General Hospital Spoilers – Many Sources Have Claimed To Know Steve Burton Was Fired For Not Getting The Covid 19 Shots

General Hospital viewers who have been following this hotbed story on Twitter know that many have claimed that they have inside information regarding Steve’s status with the show. There are no clues from either Steve, any of the members of Port Chuck, or anyone else with General Hospital who has verified the rumors. Even Maurice Benard, who plays Sonny Corinthos, denied knowing anything about Steve’s firing when asked on a recent podcast.

Even the usually outspoken Nancy Lee Grahn would not verify if Steve was let go, when someone asked her in a recent tweet if Steve and Ingo Rademacher who plays Jasper “Jax” Jacks were fired. She only verified the November 1st requirement of showing a vaccine card, and said it wasn’t her place to say and that fans should ask them. So, if fans’ enquiring minds want to know if Steve is leaving General Hospital, they can tweet him, go to his Facebook or Instagram account and ask. All three mention he’s with General Hospital and he hasn’t changed it yet.

Stay tuned to General Hospital, and keep checking General Hospital spoilers frequently for all the latest news, updates, and developments!

  1. Evelyn says

    This will be a stupid move on behalf of General Hospital is Steve Burton don’t let go then all his fans will leave to the ratings are in that dumpster and by getting rid of Steve will in the show I’ve been watching for over 20 years and did not watch when he was not on the show only came back because he came back this will be a very bad move what you need to do is get some better writers I have new storylines instead of recycling old story lines

    1. Evelyn Maldonado says

      Jason makes the whole show please don’t let him go he’s one of the reasons I watched it don’t go to Jason

    2. Kori says

      I agree!!! I also quit watching GH after Steve left. If they start firing people over not getting the vaccine then I will stop watching GH and I’ve been watching since 1996. Enough with all of this political crap!!!

    3. Emma Jo Rust says

      That is a mean thing to say you only tune in for Steve! and insult to all the wonderful actors on GH. I like Steve too, but I kept watching all the years he chose to be on Y&R and enjoyed it very much. Also like Billy Miller ,but did not stop watching, when he left.. The health of the whole GH Family is important. Some of them go home to kids and loved ones! Have to think of them. I would miss Jason and Jax if that is true, but still watch!.

    4. Redrage502 says

      Jason is FINALLY in a storyline that doesn’t have him joined at the hip with Carly.
      AND having a new relationship with Britt is terrific, all the fans like it.
      Having him leave would cause a major uprising.

    5. Kathy says

      He left before and show survived!

  2. Diane says

    The president can not mandate that you have to take the vaccine,Congress has to do that do your research

    1. Loretta Coleman says

      Disney the parent company of ABC made GH cast get vaccinated and. Disney mandated this before President Biden ever said anything about vaccinations. Those actors that won’t get vaccinated bye, I don’t want to see any one get sick because of unvaccinated people.

      1. Kimie says

        Ur a idiot I can’t believe you would give up your freedom any freedom any is to much

  3. Mildrey Armas says

    Funny how abortion is legal on the principal that women are free decide over their bodies and kill an unborn child you are not free to decide what gets put into your body ???

    1. Darla Waldon says

      Totally agree!

  4. BarbR says

    Nancy Lee Grahn’s comment speaks volumes if previous reports are accurate as to her outrage over Ingo Rademacher and Steve Burton’s personal choices regarding COVID innoculations. Writers have her siting in a halfway house, not interacting with either actor. Perhaps Ms. Grahn is the problem. I have been a GH fan since day one. If either of these men leave GH for this particular reason, I’m done. Politics in a soap opera is not acceptable. One actress should not yield this kind of power.

    1. Kimie says

      I agree with you 1000 percent besides she isn’t all that great any way ?why would GH give up Steve aka Jason for her stupid move ?

  5. Joyce Horner says

    If Steve Burton ( Jason Morgan ) leaves the show due to this vaccine (money maker bullshit ) the show will not survive. It’s bad enough that Ingo has been fired due a comment he made ( what happened to the right of free speach) ????
    We need to stand up for our rights as citizen of United States of America ?? , too bad if a someone’s feelings got hurt, grow up and get over it. You need to give it your best you have , not judt show up and expect to get a ?
    PS: I have watched General Hospital for close to 48 years ?
    GOD BLESS AMERICA , our military, Police & veterans ????????????

    1. Kimie says

      Amen you said it ???I agree and I’ve been watching for 40 plus years but I’ll stop if Steve looses his job over this crap ?

  6. linda Miller says

    If Steve burton and Ingo are fired because of the vax mandate, we will quit watching. This is America. They have the freedom to choose what’s being injected into their body. I am sick of this mandate. It’s unconstitutional. Plus the vax doesn’t work.

    1. Candy says

      Where do you get your information on the vaccination doesn’t work?! You are right this is America and I have the right not to be exposed to the virus because people think their rights are more important than mine!! Quite honestly this “my freedom is being taken away” is getting old.. Turn the page!

    2. Kimie says

      Agree I stand with you

  7. Soapfanabcgh1 says

    Abc is getting stupid ,not making money when you keep,changing back and fourth actors life’s in real life and in gh show .is sad ,got Maurice back as sonny then tricked us and took away Jason a regular for years and just when the big story line is on and Jax comes back just to get kicked around. Welll I hope the new drew who use to be Ryan on amc is good looking but wrong character . And what are you going to do with out Jason just a few years just got him back being lost and use drew as Jason then drew confuses,his all Carly and the real person and her husmand who plays Peter fault.
    get rid of the new nickolas and the new girl friend of spencer and maxie trouble
    sad I hope gets better and Alexis gets out to celebrate.
    wish bring back lucky and Stefan ,Tracey? Laura?ned needs a new romance

  8. Soapfanabcgh1 says

    Abc general hostipal makes you feels good don’t mess it up
    And no other shows please

  9. kcsmum says

    Steve mentioned on his podcast with Bradford Anderson that he had been vaccinated.

    1. Sharon says

      Great! Thanks for the info.

  10. Debby says

    Do not fire Steve Burton he’s very valuable

  11. Jackie Bradley says

    Jason needs to get his vaccinations!
    I have been watching GH for over 30 years love the show but actors come and go and the show goes on! He will be missed for sure. Do it Jason!!!

  12. Missaster says

    This is so stupid and sad . The story lines are all over the place , characters we love are killed or kicked off, new people are brought in all the time cutting screen time for the people we tune in to watch.
    I have watched for over 45 years but I believe I am done.
    Good job ?

    1. Annie says

      I feel the exact same way and have been watching for nearly 40 years. I did quit during the whole amnesia garbage and I’m on the verge again! If Jax is gone and Steve is let go then there’s two more reasons Not to watch! Can’t stand nina anymore, esme is totally annoying, all the solid relationships are being ruined and then they keep recycling old stories and changing the GH history! Enough is Enough, Get some New Writers

  13. Kathy Crozier says

    I just don’t know why ,either Steve Burton or Frank Valltinie should put out something saying if he’s leaving or staying. Imo if they haven’t, just means they don’t want to mess up the story of the show and he is leaving. I left once I’ll do it again if he leaves.

  14. Janet Duhon says

    I think it’s sad that we will lose our favorite actors because of Damn covid. Enough of the government trying to control us. If to many leave I will stop watching to show support of those not being pushed into taking the stupid shot that will kill them in the end!!

  15. Malinda says

    I just can’t believe what I see & hear about firing Jaxs, & possibly letting Steve go b/c he may or may not decide to have a vaccine shot for Covid!.? i’v watched GH for 40 yrs. I have seen a lot of characters come & go, then come back again! My favorite guys on GH has always been Sonny & Jason. It upset me when Steve left the show? didn’t like Billy Miller trying to take his place because let’s face it there’s no replacement for him Jason is the real deal.. I can’t bear to think he would be let go because of a vaccine he did or did not get! It’s his right as well as the whole cast rights to have a say in what they put in their bodies! Don’t make the mistake of letting Steve Burton go! I just don’t think GH would benefit from firing Jaxs then letting Jason go!!

  16. Diane says

    What happened to the HIPPA laws, our rights to privacy. It’s no one’s business. You don’t trust it then wear a mask.

  17. Patricia says

    Steve is my favorite on GH..if he leaves because of a illegal mandate ,that has been blocked my the 5th court,then thinking I may too..I love GH and been watching for years,but this just might break the camels Back…so tired of all of it..time fir the government to get out of everyone’s personal lives..

    1. Kimie says

      You said I’ Stan with you

  18. GHfan101 says

    I agree. I have watched GH since the late 70’s when I was just a little kid and now all the characters I grew up with are being fired or killed off and history rewrote. Stop changing GH history and being back all the senior characters. I look forward to Jeff Webber coming back. Please bring back…

    * Luke..Lucky.. Holly .. Lesley Webber… Blackie Parrish…Ethan Lovett and more

  19. CBlair says

    The ‘jab’ was never…..ever……..ever…..supposed to prevent it….and that continues to this day. Stop watching MSM propaganda and start thinking for yourself. The fact that they put all their actors lives at risk for this ‘jab’ is ridiculous. Last I heard it was my constitutional right to make medical decisions for myself. NO ONE in government is going to tell me to take something that could kill me…especially something containing aborted fetal cells…and other toxic chemicals. Wake up people. Do your research. Stop letting others tell you what to do.

  20. Mj Vonshaw says

    If Jason leaves gh I can no longer continue watching. We are all vaccinated where I work and several Vaccinated people have gotten covid 19. Fully vaccinated people can also transmit COVID-19 to others. I guess it’s just not publicized. If I had my choice between Alexis and Jason-Jason wins hands-down. Alexis is just annoying and brings nothing to the table.

    1. Kimie says

      You are correct ??

  21. Beverly says

    Steve just wanted you to know how much I enjoy your acting. You are so good. Please don’t leave GH . I realize that this past year and ten months have been really tough on you. But you make this old lady’s day!

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