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General Hospital Star Sydney Mikayla Readies For The Daytime Emmys

General Hospital star Sydney Mikayla may no longer be bringing Trina Robinson to life, as she left the soap of her own volition earlier in 2022 so she could focus on college life and her studies at UCLA. That still doesn’t mean she wasn’t eligible for a Daytime Emmy, as the awards are based on the previous year’s work.

General Hospital Star Sizes Up Competition

So, Mikayla will be competing against her former love interest, Nicholas Alexander Chavez in the category of Outstanding Younger Performer. As that category now includes both male and female actors, when it was once two categories, Mikayla is also competing against William Lipton, who plays Cameron Webber. When she learned they are all nominated together, she had to tell them both how she felt.

“I called William and Nicholas as soon as I heard,” Mikayla said in the June 28, 2022, issue of Soap Opera Digest. “I told Nicholas, ‘Wow, this is your first acting job and your first Emmy.’ I am so proud of him.”

Sydney Mikayla’s College And Emmy Life

And Mikayla’s roomies must have been proud of her as she was in her college dorm when she got the news of her Emmy nod.

“I still talk to my makeup artist from GH and we were catching up and I was like ‘How is your dog?’ and she goes ‘Good and by the way, congratulation,'” Mikayla told Digest. “I woke up both of my roommates in my dorm and I was like, ‘I just got nominated for an Emmy.’ Then, Avery [Kristen Poh, Esme Prince] texted me, ‘Congrats, Miss Two-Time Nominee!’ It was so sweet.”

General Hospital Star Sydney Mikayla Readies For The Daytime Emmys

Mikayla so said if she does win that coveted statuette, she will keep not keep it in her dorm room, so she must have other things in mind for it. However, she reiterates how much she loves college. If she didn’t love it so much, maybe we’d still see Mikayla on our GH screens, but instead, Tabyana Ali is doing an amazing job as her replacement.

While Mikayla was still in the role, she had a ton of emotional scenes, especially when the character thought her dad was dead, but she later discovered he was alive in a heart-wrenching reunion. Tune into the Daytime Emmys on Friday, June 24, 2022, at 9 PM EST on CBS to see who takes home the gold.

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  1. MidnightQueen says

    I really miss her and I am sure that she will have an amazing future. I am having a hard time getting used to the new girl, she is more subdued and Ms. Mikayla brought fire and Flavour to the role. No shade to the new girl, but she has a large shadow to fill.

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