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General Hospital Spoilers: Elizabeth Gets Another Chance with the Review Board — and with Finn

General Hospital Spoilers: Elizabeth Gets Another Chance with the Review Board — and with Finn

General Hospital spoilers hint Elizabeth Baldwin (Rebecca Herbst) just might come out of this whole mess with Nikolas Cassadine (Adam Huss) and the last year of her life as a much better person. A whole person, in fact. Last year, her relationship with Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton) started to come apart at the seams, and so was Elizabeth’s mental state. She was losing time and remembering things she didn’t believe ever happened.

As it turned out, she was recalling real memories from the suppressed trauma of having pushed Reiko Finn (Mele Ihara) down a flight of stairs. She had to make peace with what she had done, what her parents — Jeff Webber (William R. Moses) and Carolyn Webber (Denise Crosby) — had done to her, and her role in the death of her boyfriend’s late wife. Instead of doing that, she buried herself in more trauma and drama with Nikolas. Now, she has to pay the piper, otherwise known as the review board, and they might want her job.

General Hospital Spoilers — Anxiety Eats Elizabeth Alive

Elizabeth has been waiting patiently for this day ever since she decided to tell the PCPD the truth about what she and Nikolas had done to Esme Prince (Avery Kristen Pohl). She knew she wouldn’t be able to secure a deal with the PCPD without her testimony becoming public knowledge, and she wasn’t seeking that. For once, Elizabeth wants to do the right thing, out in the open, and if it costs her the job she’s loved for so many years, then so be it. It’s not that she is willing to give up the career she adores as a nurse at GH, but she isn’t willing to give up her own self-esteem and conscience by lying to herself anymore.

GH Spoilers Leak the Review Board Gives Liz the Green Light

The GH review board is weighing the details of Elizabeth’s case. They know she may have been well-intentioned in the decision she made to help Nikolas keep Esme in that tower, but their larger concerns may not be about her character, but her ethics. As a medical professional, Elizabeth knows more than the average citizen just how important it is to rely on trained professionals for medical treatment.

Caring for Esme was outside of the scope of what she is licensed to do, and that could cost her the very license that allows her to be employed as a nurse. That being said, Elizabeth’s record of exemplary service to GH over the years is going to give her one more shot with the review board. She’s not losing her job this time around.

General Hospital Spoilers — Finn Asks for Another Chance

When Elizabeth gets the happy news that she’s still a nurse at GH, the relief she will feel will be hard to trump. However, when Finn capitalizes on the joy of the moment between them and hints that he would like to give their relationship another chance too, it’s anyone’s guess how Elizabeth is going to take it.

Her life has been a whirlwind of emotions for the last few months and it’s understandable that she just needs time to let it all settle down. Still, let’s hope she’s honest with Finn and tells him that if that is the case. Stay tuned for more GH news and spoilers just ahead.

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