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General Hospital Spoilers: Drew’s Behavior Sends Up Red Flags — But Not to Carly

General Hospital Spoilers: Drew's Behavior Sends Up Red Flags — But Not to Carly

General Hospital spoilers reveal Drew Cain (Cameron Mathison) is starting to behave a bit out of sorts, and it’s going to lead a few key people around him to wonder what exactly is going on. Recently released from prison, Drew launched his new lease on life immediately.

He didn’t want to delay in getting back to reality and enjoying every day to the fullest, but his family may start to wonder why he’s so eager to make the changes that he is. It starts with Scout Cain (Cosette Abinante).

Wanting his daughter to suddenly jump ship from the school she’s always known and loved to attend an all-girls private school her dad hooked her up wth is the least of the concerns that lie ahead though.

General Hospital Spoilers — It’s Sam Who Takes Notice

Everyone might be waiting for Carly Spencer (Laura Wright) to speak up about Drew’s seemingly off behavior in the coming weeks as he starts to act more manic and up-and-down. But it won’t be Carly who sends up smoke signals that something isn’t right with Drew.

Rather, it’ll be his ex-wife, Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco). Truth be told, she probably does know him better than Carly does to this day, and Sam is more apt to be concerned about anything Drew does because his every move can impact their daughter.

GH Spoilers Hint Dante is Preoccupied

While Sam is busy worrying herself sick over Drew and checking in on his every need, he’s going to become more reliant on her, confiding in her in ways he hasn’t in years — since they were married. In the meantime, Sam’s beau, Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna), won’t think twice about the time she’s spending with her ex-husband as he’s burying himself in the case of Austin Gatlin Holt’s (Roger Howarth murder.

General Hospital Spoilers: Drew's Behavior Sends Up Red Flags — But Not to Carly

They have a solid relationship, and Dante likes Drew just fine. He won’t suspect there is anything more to it than Sam’s concern for him, nor should he, because that’s just the intention she’ll go into it with. But things change.

General Hospital Spoilers — Carly Checks Out

While Dante is smoking out a killer, Carly will be busy managing Kelly’s and working tirelessly to figure out who turned her and Drew in to the SEC in the first place. She may write off Sam’s concerns, suggesting that Drew is just happy to be home and trying to make up for lost time.

He probably really does want Scout to have the best life possible, and he thinks that comes from her having stronger educational opportunities. But not discussing the move from public to private school with Sam first was definitely out of character for him.

What comes next will be even more alarming. Stay tuned for more GH news and spoilers to find out what is in store for Drew.

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