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General Hospital (GH) Spoilers: Society Setups Newest Match – Sparks Fly Between Brad And Dex

General Hospital (GH) spoilers and updates tease that Brad Cooper (Parry Shen) has been encouraging Britt Westbourne (Kelly Thiebaud) to continue trying to fan a match with Society Setups. Now that Britt is at least trying to find a date, perhaps Brad will sign up too. Could Brad be paired with Sonny Corinthos’ (Maurice Benard) new hire, Dex (Evan Hofer)?

General Hospital Spoilers – Brad Cooper Needs A New Man

General Hospital’s Brad has been pining away for Lucas Jones (Matt Trudeau) since he went to prison for kidnapping Wiley Corinthos (Viron Weaver). However, Lucas has made it plain that he wants nothing to do with his ex-husband. It’s time for Brad to start looking for a new man and he could use Society Setups to do just that. After all, if Brad can encourage Britt to continue trying with them, shouldn’t he take a chance himself? Could Brad find a new love through the dating app? Could Dex be the new man of Brad’s dreams?

General Hospital Updates – Dex Is New In Port Charles

General Hospital’s Dex was hired to help out at Sonny’s gym while Chet Driscol (ex-Chris Van Etten) was out of town. However, Dex has not been around for long. So far, we know Dex is about as underhanded as Brad so they could make a good time. Since Dex doesn’t know many people, Society Setups could be a great way for him to meet someone. The dating service seems to have quite a few mixers including pool parties that the participants can attend. Could Brad and Dex meet up at an event thrown by the site? Could Brad and Dex be their best match yet?


Dex Needs A Social Life

General Hospital’s Dex, between spying on Sonny and working for Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell), doesn’t seem to have much of social life. Dex also hasn’t exactly been trying to attract women either. Perhaps Dex just doesn’t let his sexual orientation out immediately. However, Dex needs someone to hang out with and Brad could be the answer to his search. Brad works for the mob as well so he understands Dex’s job. Brad and Dex could meet and sparks may fly. Will Dex and Brad have a once-in-a-lifetime connection? Could Dex be the new man of Brad’s dreams now that he has no hope of getting Lucas back?

Both Brad and Dex need someone and they could be there for each other. Will sparks fly between these mob rookies? Could Dex and Brad’s relationship cause problems for Sonny and Selina Wu’s (Lydia Looks) working relationship?

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  1. Lynne says

    If they begin another same gender romance, I’m quitting. Call me homophobic if you want, but I can’t stand watching it! We are entitled to our feelings just the same as the liberals are!

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