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General Hospital (GH) Spoilers: Nina Dumps Sonny, Who is His Next Love Interest?

General Hospital Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros) and Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) are just now beginning their relationship. However, Nina believes she knows the type of man that Sonny is. Nina hasn’t seen the real Sonny no matter what she believes. Will Nina dump Sonny once she sees what he is truly capable of?

General Hospital – Nina Reeves Is Not Capable Of Living Sonny Corinthos’ Life

General Hospital’s Nina is in no way prepared to live a life with Sonny. Nina cannot possibly look the other way when Sonny handles an enemy. Sonny has been known to kill people when they crossed him. Sonny had put plenty of bodies in the pine barrens. Sonny can turn on a dime from the sweet loving man that Nina loves to the no-nonsense mob boss that Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) has known for decades. The difference is, that Carly has stood by Sonny no matter what. Carly has been there when she wasn’t even with Sonny to help him.

General Hospital – Sonny Corinthos’ Urge To Help Carly Corinthos Is Too Much

General Hospital’s Nina urged Sonny to help Carly save the Metrocourt. However, Carly turned Sonny down. Sonny is determined to give Carly the money to save the Metrocourt even if he has to pay for her half himself. However, once Sonny does this, Nina will see just how much Sonny still loves Carly or so she thinks. Nina may realize that she doesn’t want to come in second and walk away. If Nina breaks things off with Sonny, who should his next love be?

General Hospital – Sonny Corinthos’ Options Are Slim

General Hospital’s Sonny has slept with almost every woman in Port Charles. The only women that come close to Sonny’s dating age are Monica Quartermaine (Leslie Charleston), Liz Baldwin (Rebecca Herbst), and Diane Miller (Carolyn Hennesy).

General Hospital (GH) Spoilers: Nina Dumps Sonny, Who is His Next Love Interest?

None of these women are likely to be interested in Sonny. However, there is Selina Wu (Lydia Look) who just happens to be in a great position to understand Sonny. Sonny and Selina are both in the mob. These two could become a couple and join forces as well as their mob business to run Port Charles. However, this could also be a bad thing if they separated. Selina and Sonny could be exciting together though.

Sonny could also get with Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) who he does have chemistry in most of their interactions. Sonny and Anna have worked together so a romance would not be completely out of the realm of possibilities. Could Sonny be a good match with either of these women? Are GH writers brave enough to go there?

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  3. NonieB69 says

    Good grief! What?? 😂

  4. Divanana says

    Good she not in his league.

    1. Jae says

      Bring Sonny and Carly back. They are made to be together. Not Nina and Sonny. She is too boring for Sonny.

      SONNY AND CARLY 4ever please

  5. Just123 says

    Well of course when the going gets tough Nina would dump Sonny. But Nina has so room to be righteousness.
    Nina has done horrible things and even to Sonny. Which made Sonny falling for her even more absurd. But whatever they think they have or had is based on a foundation that was built on lies.
    It’s high time that N Ina sees that Sonny is still in love with Carly and that they belong together. It’s high time these writers stop rewarding Nina for her deceit and all of the damage and destruction she is responsible for.
    It’s time for Sonny to be honest and admit that Carly is still and always will be the love of his life. She has always accepted Sonny for who he was and is.
    It was disappointing to see Sonny give up so quickly when Carly turned down his offer to help her. The true Sonny that we have all loved would have done it anyway, whether she accepted his help or not. Sonny doesn’t just say OK, give up and walk away. That’s just not Sonny!!

  6. Nanlee says

    For the love of GH do not put Sonny with Carly it is worth ever watching the show any more..They are full of cob webs and she dump him and now with Drew..Not that it would matter if she ever had a man any more let her just be an old maid with nothing of any interest for her…

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