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General Hospital Spoilers: Cyrus Tells Laura His Plans To Protect Nikolas

General Hospital Spoilers: Cyrus Tells Laura His Plans To Protect Nikolas

General Hospital spoilers and updates tease Cyrus Renault (Jeff Kober) has plans to protect Nikolas Cassadine (Adam Huss) behind bars in Pentonville and tells Laura Collins (Genie Francis) about them.

Cyrus has been desperately trying to gain acceptance by his sister and doesn’t want anything untoward to happen to his nephew-he also protected Spencer Cassadine (Nicholas Alexander Chavez) in Spring Ridge.

General Hospital Spoilers: Nikolas Cassadine Will Be There For A While, Awaiting Trial

While Nikolas has not been convicted, he is in custody and will be there for a while, awaiting trial; Martin Gray (Michael E. Knight) will also be gone several months.

Martin would likely represent Nikolas at his trial, and he’s off to visiting Cyrus’ and his mother, which he hadn’t done in months and it’s past time for a visit.

Cyrus likely wishes he could mend fences with Florence Gray (Annie Abbott) as well but she doesn’t want to see him-even though he paid for much of her nursing home bills.

So, Cyrus tries to get along with Martin, and concentrates on building bridges with Laura and her family; although likely Nikolas could probably take care of himself.

However, there can be violence behind prison bars as Cyrus well knows-and started some himself in the past; but what connections could he have there?

GH Spoilers: Small Comfort, Look What Happened To Cyrus Renault Himself And Drew Cain!

Laura may clap back that Cyrus trying to protect Nikolas in Pentonville is small comfort, considering what happened to Cyrus himself and Drew Cain (Cameron Mathison)!

Both Cyrus and Drew were beaten within an inch of their lives, so how does he expect to protect Nikolas from the outside-and on parole, he shouldn’t be contacting prison cronies!

The warden Cyrus was friendly with has moved on, so there would be a new warden-however, perhaps the new prison warden is a better one than the previous one was.

General Hospital Spoilers: Cyrus Tells Laura His Plans To Protect Nikolas

Laura, as mayor may be able to do more to make sure Nikolas is protected in prison-putting him in solitary for protective custody purposes, for instance; not fun, but safer.

General Hospital Spoilers: What Exactly Are Cyrus Renault’s Plans To Protect Nikolas Cassadine?

Laura obviously will scoff at first at the idea of Cyrus being able to protect Nikolas on the inside when he’s on the outside, but she will hear him out.

Cyrus indeed claims to have friends on the inside-followers of his Bible studies and “church services”, but Laura thinks Cyrus is being a bit unrealistic.

Laura tells Cyrus his followers didn’t protect him, and they certainly didn’t protect Drew, why would they protect Nikolas who they don’t know from Adam?

Laura assures Cyrus that Nikolas’ protection will be covered-for one thing, there is already a news blackout in place to keep anyone from finding out why he’s there.

It’s likely that the other inmates wouldn’t think it’s real cool to keep a pregnant woman hostage in a tower-Nikolas would be treated like a pedophile; that’s what Cyrus worried about.

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