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General Hospital Spoilers: Cyrus Kidnaps Leslie After Tense Hospital Encounter

General Hospital’s spoilers and updates reveal Cyrus Renault (Jeff Kober) is furious that his sister, Laura Collins (Genie Frances) won’t use her position as mayor to ensure the return of his mother. Will Cyrus kidnap Leslie Webber (Denise Alexander) to force Laura’s hand?

Cyrus Blames Laura For His Mother’s Kidnapping

General Hospital’s Cyrus blames Laura for getting his mother kidnapped. After all, Laura is the one who told Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) his mother’s name and location. Unfortunately, Cyrus blames Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) for the kidnapping and he had nothing to do with it. Carly didn’t tell Jason about Florence Gray (Anne Collings) so he could kidnap her, Carly arranged the kidnapping herself. Jason would have never taken a family member hostage. Little old ladies don’t belong as pawns in a mob war and Jason knows that.

An Eye For An Eye?

General Hospital’s Cyrus believes that Laura doesn’t care about his mother and her safety at all. Cyrus wants his sister to make something happen and could realize that he may have to force her hand. Cyrus knows that Leslie is staying with Laura and could easily set up her kidnapping. Cyrus is known to be a ruthless man by any means so kidnapping a little old lady wouldn’t be a surprise. Will Cyrus kidnap Leslie instead of a Corinthos family member?

Elderly Parents Should Be Off Limits

Regardless of the mob war, the elderly parents of any General Hospital character should be off-limits. Why would anyone want to involve an elderly or even invalid member of society in a mob war? Why is it ok to involve either parent? Frail little old ladies cannot make or break a mob war. Unfortunately, these women should not be used as pawns in the game of cat and mouse. Elderly parents can get sick and die quickly in these situations and that damage cannot be repaired. The results of one of the parents passing away could lead to huge problems and unending war. Will both elderly parents survive? Would Cyrus kill Leslie is Florence dies?

General Hospital Spoilers: Cyrus Kidnaps Leslie After Tense Hospital Encounter

Can Laura Save Her Mother?

General Hospital’s Laura would certainly pressure Jason to release Florence if Leslie was in danger. Unfortunately, Jason only knows that Florence is in a safehouse. Has Carly given Jason the location where Bobbie Spencer (Jackie Zeman) and Damien Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) are holding Florence? Will Jason get Florence back to Vermont before anything happens to her? Will Cyrus turn Leslie lose if Florence shows up alive and well?

General Hospital’s Cyrus already dislikes Leslie, would he hurt the elderly woman to make his sister do his bidding? Will Laura gets Cyrus the results he desires?

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  1. Girl says

    I wish these damn writers stop taking everything away from these people sure some of bad they don’t deserve this bullshit I hate to get violent with people but I will if they stop keep talking about NA stop taking about them damn they not perfect nobody is keep their name out of your damn mouth before I punish somebody right in it too leave them the hell alone I’m done fighting seem like people just can’t leave them the hell alone they will if I have to punish somebody in it I bet they will I hate violent I’m sick of this now might as well stop it leave it alone cause ain’t going to change nothing shit

  2. LBC says

    If this spoiler is true, poor Lesley. Lesley hasn’t even been on canvas a week and she is going to be kidnapped by Cyrus?? If this is the case, they should have left her wherever she was. Tired of Cyrus getting the upper hand on anyone who confronts him with his madness. Don’t like the fact that Carly was made to kidnap Florence. Too many are becoming involved that should have been left alone in my opinion. Hope the Cyrus reign on PC will end with the February sweeps/.

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  4. […] General Hospital Spoilers: Cyrus Kidnaps Leslie After Tense Hospital Encounter […]

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