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General Hospital Spoilers: Curtis and Portia’s Wedding Invitation Ignites a Fire in Jordan

General Hospital Spoilers: Curtis and Portia’s Wedding Invitation Ignites a Fire in Jordan

General Hospital spoilers reveal Curtis Ashford (Donnell Turner) and Portia Robinson (Brook Kerr) have been waiting for the day they could say I do to one another for what seems like decades. Despite all of the hurdles in their way, they are just a few months away from meeting one another at the end of the aisle, and they don’t see any more roadblocks — except maybe one.

While Curtis might be blind to it for the moment, Jordan Ashford (Tanisha Harper) has beef with Portia, and it could put a major crimp in the couple’s wedding plans. Jordan has been minding her business — and busy with work, to boot — but when she receives their wedding invitation in the mail, it’s going to reignite her interest in making sure Curtis doesn’t end up in the same marriage he just ended. If Portia refuses to tell Curtis that Trina Robinson (Tabyana Ali) might actually be his daughter, will Jordan have any choice but to tell him herself?

General Hospital Spoilers — Love is in the Air

When Curtis suggested to Portia that they get married on Valentine’s Day, she thought it was entirely too soon to throw a wedding together by then. However, the excitement of doing it so soon got her in the spirit and she joyfully agreed. When they told Jordan their wedding date and how it was just around the corner, she seemed surprised that Portia wouldn’t allow for more time than that to figure out what she was going to do.

Jordan might not be an advocate of waiting any longer to tell Curtis, but she’s trying to stay in her lane. For the time being, she’s going to continue to pretend she’s supportive of their engagement and impending marriage — at least to Curtis’ face.

GH Spoilers Hint Jordan is Unsettled

Thinking about Curtis readying for his nuptials to a woman who has been lying to him for nearly twenty years isn’t going to sit well with Jordan, but can she really rain on this love parade without making herself look like the bad guy? If Jordan bursts this bubble, she could lose Curtis’ friendship, and let’s be honest, some part of her is looking for more than that from him. There won’t be any hope of reconciliation if the truth comes from Jordan’s mouth before Portia’s. For that reason, Jordan is going to hope her ultimatum kicks Portia’s behind into high gear. Jordan really doesn’t want to be the bearer of this bad news.

General Hospital Spoilers: Curtis and Portia’s Wedding Invitation Ignites a Fire in Jordan

General Hospital Spoilers — The Ultimatum

That wedding invitation will eat at Jordan. As she reflects on her own wedding to Curtis and how their marriage ended, she won’t feel joy for him but sorrow. The last thing she wants is to see Curtis marry someone else who isn’t being honest with him. If Portia tells Curtis the truth and he decides to forgive her, Jordan will be at peace with his decision.

Sure, it might sting, because Curtis couldn’t bring himself to forgive Jordan when she kept the truth from him for what seemed like more justifiable reasons, but she would respect his choice. However, she won’t be able to respect herself if she watches him marry Portia while he’s still in the dark. Jordan knows Curtis deserves to hear this from the woman he’s marrying though, not the woman he used to be married to. So she’s going to force Portia’s hand and make it clear that if she doesn’t tell Curtis before her wedding, Jordan will. Don’t miss a beat; check back with us tomorrow for more GH news and spoilers to tide you over between episodes!

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