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General Hospital Spoilers and Rumors: Vanessa Marcil Return Rumors Heat Up – Shares GH Throwback Pic

ABC General Hospital spoilers reveal that Vanessa Marcil fans have never stopped calling for her return to the show as Brenda Barrett. In the past few months, those calls have grown louder as the rumor mill heats up with the speculation of an imminent return.

Marcil has been coy about a possible come back but there has been no official word from the show or the actress about a potential return. Nonetheless, Marcil has been active on social media lately. She has talked about her son’s graduation as well as current events and her latest post involves one of her former costars.

General Hospital spoilers – Vanessa Marcil was much loved as Brenda Barrett

Marcil debuted as Brenda in 1992. She just posted a pic on her Insta from 1995 that shows her and former co-star Rena Sofer who played Lois Cerullo. Nowadays Sofer plays Quinn Forrester on The Bold and the Beautiful.

The two GH characters were BFF’s and ran L&B Records. Marcil explained that the pic is of the two women, “on the ferry in New York after filming Ned and Lois’ wedding in Brooklyn. We had the best time working together always. We are soul sisters for life.”

In the pic, the besties are obviously exhausted and ae curled up to each other taking a nap.

General Hospital Spoilers and Rumors: Vanessa Marcil Return Rumors Heat Up - Shares GH Throwback Pic

General Hospital spoilers – Who is Vanessa Marcil’s soul sister?

GH fans were quick to respond to the throwback pic that brought back many sweet memories. One wrote, “Seeing you two on GH and even off set was pure magic! I told my mom I always wanted a friendship like Lois and Brenda’s. L&B 4 life! Thank you so much for sharing Vanessa!! Much luv and stay safe!”

Another mentioned that “True friendship shined through in your work. Love watching her on B&B now.”

And someone else chimed in with, “The glory days of GH, loved Lois and Brenda. We actually have our family home up for sale in Williamsburg right now! Memories…”

General Hospital spoilers – Vanessa Marcil has been active on social media

Marcil took the time to share with fans what she and her son Kassius have been up to these days, posting pics of them making food and delivering it to law enforcement members in Los Angeles.

She posted that they made, “80 vegan tacos with homemade shells for [L.A.] law enforcement. We are uniting with the world today in honor of the two officers who are victims of an ambush shooting and in critical condition.”

She added, “All of us with breath in our lungs and tears in our eyes. Let’s stop the violence. Let’s stop the abuse. Let’s stop not listening to each other.”

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  1. Car says

    Come back Brenda GH need to bring her back they bring everyone else back why not her her visit is way overdue get her back here

    1. Kathy Swanson says

      so nothing against the actress but i just am not a fan of Brenda..she will probably end up being Dev’s Mother

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  3. Black says

    Why GH and writers can just keep people together especially the ones who started one Why Why Why

  4. Judy Gaddis says

    I have loved Vanessa Marcil since the very first time I saw her on GH. She is sexy without running around half clothed and she and Maurice had BURING UP THE SCREEN chemistry. She had it with Ingo, too.

    I followed her when she left GH and was on “Vegas”. She is just something special both in her looks and her acting. And I have always thought that Dev was her son from the first time he showed up in Port Charles.

    Maybe now that her real-life son is grown she might consider coming back to GH if the timing and the offer ($) is right.

    Vanessa………..are you listening????

  5. Georgia Coates says

    Bring back Brenda, get rid of Sam!


    Kathy Swanson Brenda and Sonny are the best couple ever on General Hospital they need some good ratings. People are complaining about GH bring Brenda back.


    Sonny & Brenda were so romantic together and worth watching. They are truly missed. Your ratings will soar when you bring these two back together. The best love story every.

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