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General Hospital Spoilers – Terry Finds Herself Caught Between Two Suitors!

General Hospital Spoilers - Terry Finds Herself Caught Between Two Suitors!

General Hospital spoilers tease that Dr. Terry Randolph (Cassandra James) spent the first few years of her time in Port Charles focusing on her career. Her hard work certainly paid off because Terry was named co-Chief of Staff last year alongside Dr. Britt Westbourne (Kelly Thiebaud). And although the situation became tragic when Britt died months ago, that means Terry is now the sole Chief of Staff at General Hospital. If was also last year that Terri began to pursue romance.

General Hospital Spoilers – Chet Driscoll was the first to become interested in Dr. Terry Randolph!

Chet Driscoll (Christopher Van Etten) and Terry hit it off immediately from the moment they met. But Chet travelled quite a bit so they had to postpone their first date for several months. Chet’s sister, Amy Driscoll (Risa Dorken) wasn’t very fond of Terry because Terry was her boss and had reprimanded her several times.

So Amy applied for several out of town jobs in Chet’ name. Chet ended up getting one of those positions and Terry ultimately convinced him to leave town, thereby ending their romance before it had a chance to really even start!

GH Hospital Spoilers – Enter Yuri!

Later last year, Terry met Yuri Tamashevich (Cyrus Hobbi) at a party held at the Quartermaine estate. Yuri first came to Port Charles as an employee of Valentin Cassadine. Valentin had hired Yuri to be Brook Lynn Quartermaine’s (Amanda Setton) bodyguard when he believed Brook Lynn was pregnant with his child. Around this time, Yuri also became close friends with Monica Quartermaine (Leslie Charleson). But from the moment they met, Terry and Yuri had an immediate connection and have been mostly inseparable ever since.

General Hospital Spoilers - Terry Finds Herself Caught Between Two Suitors!

General Hospital Spoilers – Chet Driscoll returns!

But what will happen should Chet’s new job not work out? He could very easily return to Port Charles. He might even want to pick things back up with Terri. Terri has seemingly moved on with Yuri but Chet might still be able to turn her head. Could Terry find herself in the middle of a love triangle between two pretty great guys! But the question is, who would she ultimately choose?

What do you think?

Will Chet return to Port Charles? Are Terry and Yuri the real thing? Or could Chet possibly win Terry back? Anything can happen in Port Charles so stay tuned to General Hospital airing weekdays on ABC. And don’t forget to check back right here regularly for all your General Hospital news, information and spoilers

  1. NikiTwoShoes says

    Please bring Chet back. He was a good charecter. And he and Terry were a cute couple. And maybe he’s not a polished actor, because he’s not an actor, he’s an actual disabled vet who was hired to portray a disabled vet. I’d like him back….and send his nosey sister Amy off somewhere.

  2. lbc says

    Instead of starting a new story line and even one I could get into, how about ending some of those items already on canvas.

    1. Silvana De Nardis says

      Well said, couldn’t agree more !

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