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General Hospital Spoilers and Rumors: Portia Needs Ava, Hopes She Can Help Trina Deal With Losing Her Dad

ABC General Hospital’s Portia Robinson (Brook Kerr) has cleared the air with Ava Jerome (Maura West). However, did Portia do this simply to see if Ava can help Trina Robinson (Sydney Mikayla) deal with losing her father by offering her a distraction?

Portia Was Extremely Rude To Ava

General Hospital’s Ava tried to be there for Portia when her father first died. Portia warned Ava away from Trina not wanted her to offer any source of comfort to her. Now suddenly, since Trina is making no progress forgiving Curtis Ashford (Donnell Turner) for abandoning her father in a gunfight. However, Curtis was simply doing what Marcus Taggert (Real Andrews) asked him to do. Now Portia has apologized and plans to stop by the gallery to visit. Portia has also agreed for Trina to work more hours with Ava. Does she hope that Ava can reach Trina where she has failed?

Ava Loves Trina

General Hospital’s Ava loves Trina. Ava can also connect with Trina because she lost her daughter to a senseless killing as well. Ava is also acquainted with Curtis and she can reason with Trina much easier than her mother can. Trina listens to Ava more than she does most people. Perhaps Ava can get through to Trina and convince her that this isn’t Curtis’ fault. Maybe Ava can at least convince Trina to give Curtis the benefit of the doubt.

Why Does Portia Care That Trina Blames Curtis?

General Hospital’s Portia is adamant that Trina stops blaming Curtis, but why does it matter? Trina is eventually going to get over her dislike for Curtis and move on. However, Portia seems far too insistent on Curtis being forgiven. Could Portia be lying about Trina’s parentage after all? Is Curtis and not Taggert Trina’s real father?

All Of This Is Going To Be For Naught

Let’s be honest, once the truth comes out about Taggert’s death being faked, blaming Curtis is going to be a moot point. Trina is going to end up being mad at not only her father but Jordan as well. Trina will see that she’s wasted all this time being mad at Curtis and will likely apologize to him. However, it may take much longer to forgive her father for letting her grieve for nothing. Portia may have the same reaction as Trina when the truth comes out.

Ava may not be the most honest person in the world but Portia does realize that Trina loves her work at the art gallery. Trina may need this job to stay distracted when the whole story comes out.

  1. Car says

    I think Nikolas should tell Spencer before he find out on his own they might be him at his own game all Nikolas got to do is give him a call

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