ABC General Hospital spoilers tease that it’s Josslyn Jacks’ (Eden McCoy) eighteenth birthday, and her mother Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) reminds her that she’s old enough to vote!

Josslyn Comes Downstairs As Her Mother And Grandmother Have A Surprise

At the Corinthos house, Joss comes downstairs as her mother and grandmother, Bobbie Spencer (Jacklyn Zeman) sit on the couch. Joss is texting on her phone and has her earbuds in so she doesn’t realize they are there. They tell each other that Joss is coming and count off a “one-two-three”, and start singing “Happy Birthday!” Joss pulls out her earbuds at that point and says she’s sorry and asks them to repeat. Bobbie tells her that she and Carly told her “Happy Birthday!” Josslyn smiles, as she tosses her head and looks up.

She tells them it was almost a clean getaway! Carly beckons her over for a hug. She says she can’t believe her baby is eighteen (just what an eighteen-year-old is embarrassed to hear!) They hug. Bobbie says she can’t believe it either – and she tells Josslyn that she has grown into a beautiful young woman. Josslyn thanks her. Josslyn asks if she smells pancakes – Carly confirms that she does. She says that the pancakes are in the kitchen with Avery Corinthos-Jerome (Ava and Grace Scarola) and Donna Corinthos (Emma and Ella Hulen) and she bets they’d love to turn them into birthday pancakes!

Josslyn Tells Bobbie And Carly She Has Other Plans

Josslyn tells her mother and grandmother that she’d love to have birthday pancakes but unfortunately has other plans. She says that she’s supposed to meet Trina Robinson (Sydney Mikayla) at the art gallery. She tells them that the Historical Society has an exhibit there. She explains to Carly and Bobbie that they get extra credit in a class if they write about the exhibit. Carly smiles and verifies that Josslyn will be home early. Josslyn tells her that she has a volleyball class and a practice SAT test.

But she promised to be home for whatever birthday dinner that her mother and grandmother are preparing for her. Carly tells Josslyn that she is forgetting something. She excitedly tells her that it is also her first election day! Josslyn looks a little bit confused! She wants to know if her “one vote” is really going to matter; Carly tells her that it’s her responsibility to do her civic duty and vote. Later, when she gets to the art gallery and she and Trina start talking about the Historical Society’s exhibit, which is all about women’s suffrage (the right to vote) Trina tells her it’s all about making choices, and making their voices heard!

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