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General Hospital News Updates: Roger Howarth Has Something To Celebrate Today!

ABC General Hospital spoilers tease that congratulations are in order for Roger Howarth who turns 52 years young today! Howarth is daytime drama royalty having appeared on several soaps over the decades and his work has been recognized and rewarded by the Emmy voters.

General Hospital spoilers – Roger Howarth has had a distinguished daytime drama career

Howarth appeared as Todd Manning on the ABC sudser One Life to Live and for his performance, he earned a Daytime Emmy Award in 1994. In 2003 he left OLTL and crossed over to the CBS soap As the World Turns. There he portrayed Paul Ryan until the series ended in 2010.

In 2011 Howarth returned to OLTL and the character crossed over to GH in 2012. Currently, he portrays Franco Baldwin on the ABC soap.

General Hospital spoilers – Roger Howarth stars on GH as Franco Baldwin

Howarth is a New York native. His father was actively involved in theater and Howarth starred in a play at the tender age of 7-years old. Even though he continued acting in high school he reportedly resisted acting as a career and studied political science at George Washington University. But he eventually dropped out of college and joined the Eugene O’Neill Theatre Center in Connecticut.

Howarth is married to actress Cari Stahler and they have two beautiful two children together.

General Hospital spoilers – What is next for Franco Baldwin in Port Charles?

Franco is a multifaceted character and was originally played by James Franco. He has had a convoluted storyline that saw him go from being a serial killer to being a redeemed family man. As such the character is a lightning rod with many fans displeased that such an evil character has been redeemed and remains on the canvas.

Nonetheless, Franco is happily wed to Elizabeth Baldwin (Rebecca Herbst) and is a father figure to her sons. In fact, he rescued one from a gruesome memory transfer procedure and his life was upended as a result.

Still, Friz is dealing with a bit of friction regarding his relationship with his ex Ava Jerome (Maura West). He recently painted her portrait and they rekindled their friendship, something that has not escaped Liz’s attention.

Will Ava come between Liz and Franco? That remains to be seen GH fans! What do you think will happen with Friz—a happily ever after or a life marred by divorce? Let us know what you think about Friz’s future!

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