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General Hospital News Update: Nancy Lee Grahn Appearing On The View – What You Need To Know!

ABC General Hospital spoilers reveal that Nancy Lee Grahn, who plays Alexis Davis is set to appear on the ABC talk show The View. Grahn tweeted her news saying, “I will be on The View next week, I think, so when I get the date, I’ll let you all know.”

Later General Hospital announced that fans of the daytime diva will not have long to wait to see her as she will appear on the show this Friday, September 18th.

General Hospital spoilers – Nancy Lee Grahn will be on The View

Nancy’s fans were happy to hear the good news with one fan posting, “Love the View. With one exception I record it every day….They speak for me…..again one exception Looking forward to your visit,” while another fan wrote, “i try to watch havent been watching in awhile!!! n too pls dont forget me sunday this cause this sundays my birthday is this coming up Sunday!!!!”

One fan added, “Looking forward to seeing you! I can’t wait to see what you will be discussing with the View hosts!”

General Hospital spoilers – Nancy Lee Grahn fans can catch her on two ABC shows this week

Grahn’s fans have been seeing plenty of the lovely lady lately. On GH her character Alexis Davis is involved in a front-burner plot and her many daughters also keep her busy.

Now, Alexis is about to get a big plot of her own. This week she gets information from her doctor that she has a medical issue to address. How will Alexis handle all of the stress and drama that is coming her way all of a sudden?

General Hospital spoilers – Alexis Davis must confront an important medical issue

Right on the heels of the death of her boyfriend, Alexis is given some startling medical news. She was shocked to find Neil Byrne (Joe Flanigan) dead after the two of them spent the night together. This sent her on an emotional roller coaster and she is still reeling from that when she gets troubling news of her own.

Will all of the tension and pressure cause Alexis to begin drinking again? She has been tempted but thus far has dodged a bullet. That could all change this week as her world comes crashing down around her and she must find the time to absorb some jaw-dropping news about her own health. Be sure to tune in to see how Alexis handles her latest emergency!

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  1. S. Jimerson says

    I am very disappointed to hear that Ms. Grahn is appearing on the View. I detest the show because of the tremendous negativity they espouse regarding our President. It is appalling to me and a lot of others.

    1. gtea says

      I have to admit I am not a fan of The View either.

      1. Jeri says

        I am really looking forward to watching our recording of The View, I Love the Show and Love how they SPEAK THE TRUTH ABOUT THE PRESIDENT!!! And all of his Lies he spreads!!
        Thank You for your positive responses!!

        1. Lenown Reese says

          Yes I agree. Why people can’t see what he is doing cares only for himself.

      2. Laura says

        Can’t wait to see it I will record it as I will be out of town

      3. Melissa watson says

        I liked her on G.H. but now I’m very disappointed with her choosing to be on the view it’s the worst show of all times. They should all leave the country as they promised if Trump got voted in yet they are still here..

    2. Karen Mack says

      I agree with you on this one. There is so much vitriol and hatred associated with the responses of the ladies of the View. We all need some positive and anything we can grasp at in these troubling times. They never promote kindness when we desperately need it. One can only hope that Ms. Grahn takes the high road and maintains a decorum of positivity in the arena she faces.

  2. Katherine W Diggins says

    Why is she on the view? Can’t stand that show, won’t be watching. Put her on Kelly Clarkson show with normal and kind person.

  3. Sandi says

    Don’t really care she is an extreme Trump hating leftie. Her posts are full of lies and hate. I dislike her so very much.

  4. Gwladys Axelrod says

    I love The View! We get a chance to hear different views and see interviews of both political and celebrity people. I find them all very informed and educated.

  5. Rubye F Crutchfield says

    I’m disappointed that Nancy is appearing on such a smut show. We’re all entitled to our opinion but she represents GH and now she’s taking us to the view. Wrong time to do this. I’ve always admired her and loved her acting. I wish her the best. Thank God we still live in a free Country and can still make our own decisions.

  6. Diane Woods says

    I love the view, sharing stories,different opinions, being real , authentic, exposing what we in
    America face daily, speaking their
    Truth, very intelligent ladies,
    Keeping us aware of world issues
    Weekly, I have watched the View
    From the beginning, listen and learn

  7. Disgusted non fan says

    Can not stand the View!! Can’t believe they still air this disgusting downgrading show-& I never watch it anymore! They think they have all the answers, scream their “Views” over their guest?? & The way they talk so horribly about our President is such a disgrace! They should not be on the air-it needs to be canceled! They canceled Rosanne’s show for her couple of comments, really? The View needs to GO!

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