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General Hospital (GH) Spoilers: Sasha Wants Brando To Elope!

General Hospital (GH) spoilers and updates tease in this week’s General Hospital Sneak Peek, that Sasha Gilmore (Sofia Mattsson) wants Brando Corbin (Johnny Wactor) to elope while they’re on their trip at Niagara Falls!

General Hospital Spoilers – Both Brando Corbin And Sasha Gilmore Have Desperately Needed Time Away From Port Charles – Together

General Hospital viewers know that it was a devastating turn of events for Brando and Sasha when she suffered placental abruption during her very long labor with Liam Mike Corbin (uncast infant). Both Brando and Sasha resolved to remain strong and hopeful for their newborn to recover from the damage caused during his time without placental nourishment and oxygen even though it was short. General Hospital viewers will recall that Sasha had an emergency caesarian section as soon as the placental abruption was discovered as she was trying to give birth vaginally, and Liam was rushed to a special incubator. Everyone was hoping that the special incubator would allow Liam to survive, but unfortunately, he was unable to live on his own and they had to make the horrible decision to take him off life support. Neither Brando nor Sasha have been the same since; Brando grieving one way, Sasha another, and they hadn’t been together very much.

General Hospital Updates – Brando Corbin And Sasha Gilmore Slept Together For The First Time In Months

General Hospital viewers will recall from Friday’s General Hospital episode that Brando and Sasha slept together for the first time in months, as they woke up together in their room at Niagara Falls. They had a great view of the falls right from their hotel window, as viewers could see as they stood in front of the window and watched the falls, freshly out of bed. In the preview, this scene continues, with Sasha telling Brando that she doesn’t want to go back to the real world, and she doesn’t want their vacation to end; Brando tells her he wishes he could give her that. Brando continues the conversation, telling Sasha that what he can try to do is to make the real world just as special, and she asks him how he plans to do that. He tells her that he plans to spend the rest of his life with her.

General Hospital: Sasha Gilmore (Sofia Mattsson) and Brando Corbin (Johnny Wactor)

General Hospital Spoilers – Sasha Gilmore Wants Brando Corbin To Elope

Now away from the “real world” and in romantic Niagara Falls, General Hospital viewers see Sasha become very impulsive, telling Brando “let’s do it!” and Brando asks her “do what” – Sasha wants to get married that day! General Hospital viewers can imagine that Brando is a bit taken aback by that response, and he’s slightly sarcastic as he says right, they’ll just elope somewhere – then he realizes Sasha is being serious! Brando turns to Sasha and asks “you’re not kidding, are you!”

Sasha is excited imagining their marriage, even though what she’s describing might be a little difficult on an elopement – she wants the aisle, the rings, the champagne, the works, then declares that they two are going to the chapel! Brando, blindsided, asks if she means today, and she tells him yes, she means today; he laughs and says he doesn’t know what to say – she gives him a hint and tells him to say yes!

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