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General Hospital News Update: Ashton Arbab and His Girlfriend Get Real About Their Romance

General Hospital spoilers tease that Ashton Arbab (Dev Cerci) is sharing some deets about his personal life and we definitely think you’ll want to hear what he (and his girlfriend) have to say about their offscreen adventures. Also be sure to catch his upcoming flick, “A Baby-Sitters Guide To Monster Hunting” which drops on October 15 on Netflix.

General Hospital Update – Aston Arbab spills some dirt

Ashton and his real-life girlfriend, Maggie Grace, went on his official YouTube channel to talk about a ton of interesting topics including their own amazing romance. His channel stated, “Thank you guys so much for watching! I’m gonna be posting more on here more often. I appreciate all the support from y’all. Please spread positivity and make a difference in the world. There is already so much negativity going on that there is no need to add to it. I love you guys always.”

GH News Update – Ashton Arbab and his girlfriend Maggie Grace are adorable together

In their video, Ashton and Maggie have fun goofing off in front of the camera and taking turns spilling their thoughts. Maggie shares that Ashton in real life is funny and weird (in a good way!) and she says at one point, “I’m so lucky to have him,” noting that before Ashton she wasn’t a “relationship person.” Aw!
They also dish about their favorite food which just happens to be crepes!

General Hospital – Ashton Arbab is Dev Cerci on the ABC sudser

Ashton’s character Dev Cerci came to town after meeting Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) in Turkey. Sonny was on a mission to find his MIA son Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna) and Dev helped him to locate Dante. Sonny and Dante eventually left the country but Dev soon followed. He shocked Sonny when he turned up with no advance warning but Sonny decided to repay the favor he owed Dev and arranged for him to stay in town.

Dev is now firmly entrenched in the Port Charles teen scene and fans are about to see more of him as he and his friends attend Homecoming. GH is preempted September 29 through October 1 for Major League Baseball and it may be preempted on Friday, October 2 as well. When the show returns to the airwaves we will see the teens celebrate at a party given by Josslyn Jacks’ (Eden McCoy) dad before they venture off to the big event.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with GH right now. Come back here often for General Hospital spoilers, news, and updates.

  1. Black says

    GH make me sick I’m so done these fake ass writers and GH is so fake why it’s always Ava and not her husband I guess this GH way of get her out the way i say good they keep playing around with them we so tired of this mess I’m this close to not watch GH no more these writers better wake up I had enough they pissing me off now leave her alone go put on somebody else god give the girl a break you already being blackmailed by Scotty I don’t like these writers I hate what they going to Ava why not her husband I’m so sick of this I hate these motherfuck writers

  2. Joy says

    I thought Ashton current girlfriend was Sharlize True who he went to her prom! and that they were dating for over a year!

  3. Joy Umemu says

    Isn’t Maggie Grace way older then Ashton?

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