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General Hospital Marcus Coloma Responds to GH Storyline Backlash

General Hospital Spoilers and updates reveals Marcus Coloma is doing his best portraying the role of Nikolas Cassadine on General Hospital. In recent times his character has been one that viewers love to hate especially because he is cozying up to Esme Prince (Avry Kristen Pohl). And, in the latest episode, they not only shared a kiss but they did the deed as well.

It was an explosive moment as many viewers were shocked to see Nikolas go that far to cheat on his wife and sleep with his son’s girlfriend given the type of relationship he and his son has. With that said, many have been voicing their opinions on the latest scenes and some even reached out to Coloma who took the time to respond via Instagram.

Marcus Coloma Recorded A Message To Fans

While sitting in his car, Coloma recorded a clip that he shared on his Instagram profile. He wanted to say something since so many people have been messaging him. He shared, “I just wanted to say a little bit about it. I am not going to try and explain anything or justify anything.” And went on to say, “But I will say this, I am just an actor. I have zero say in the storyline. My job is just to try and make it as real as I can.” Coming close to the end of his talk he shared a little opinion, “Nobody hates Nikolas Cassadine more than Nikolas Cassadine.” And, in closing, he made sure to highlight his love for his fans.

General Hospital Marcus Coloma Responds to GH Storyline Backlash

Coloma coming into the soap world really took on a challenge. Not just with having to play a prince but also with having to take a role that was already so beloved. He is at present the fifth actor to play the role and we all know a recast’s job is really challenging. The role was first played by and most prominently played by Tyler Christopher. Other actors in the role include; Coltin Scott, Chris Beetenm, Nick Stabile and Adam Huss who only played the character temporarily upon Coloma’s absence.

What Do You Think?

So, what are your takes on Emse and Nikolas actually doing the deed? Do you think he still deserves a chance with Spencer and Ava?

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  1. Lynn says

    Yes you are an actor & a good one. Asmuch as I dislike the character of Esme, she’s a good actress.

  2. Christmas says

    OMG!!!!!!!! I cannot believe the writers let it go that far. We really can’t blame the actor he is just doing what they want to happen. It is sad that they have no read on there audience at all. Seems to be par for the course as far as they are concerned.

    1. Linda Lucas says

      I know! I was sickened by that love scene between Nick and Esme! Nicolas has always been such a beloved character! And poor Eva! I thought she had finally found a good man! How disgusting!

  3. Sher says

    I can’t believe the actor n writers went so far. I don’t care for Esme. Pls don’t have Esme have a baby. If anything lose baby.

  4. Sally says

    He’s playing his Role to the T, if everyone hates him He’s doing his Acting job great!

  5. Sally says

    He’s playing his Role to the T, if everyone hates him !

  6. Cindy Bryant says

    Come on guys its a soap. and yes please give him another chance with Ava and Spencer. I love him and Ava together

    1. Linda Lucas says

      Yes it’s a soap, but we have so few good characters to look forward to seeing these days. It is really disappointing when we see one of our favorites sink to the bottom of the sesspool like every other morally bankrupt character! Why can’t we have some heroes to look up to?

    2. Sharon Griffin says

      I do too, but this is a tough call!

  7. BlueEyedMystic says

    I fell so bad for Marcus. You know that he knew how much the fans would hate him for sleeping with the devils spawn. No matter how we feel about it, he was simply doing what was written for his charecter and he played it like a pro. Kudos M.C.. I have a new level of respect for your talent.

  8. Ferzilet Saciri says

    Nickolas. Belongs with Ava. Time to get rid of Esme princel . Esme is good at playing her character but it’s time to go now.

  9. Tammy Starr says

    I can not believe that the writers would write such a scene as this with what’s been going on the world. Bad enough the actors have to follow what their told to keep their jobs but to have someone who portrays a 40 ish old man to a young lady barely drinking age the writers should really think about what their put out their seeing there’s to many people today they just don’t get right from wrong and what’s real and just a show!

    1. Sharon Griffin says

      In general I agree. In the case of Esme, though, I don’t. She was damaged and jaded long before her encounter with Nikolas. She is not some starry-eyed, fresh out of high school girl. She’s the sister of a black widow spider!!

  10. Judith Molina says

    I always separate the character from the person playing the role. One has nothing to do with the other. I’m however, very disappointed in the writer’s creating this storyline. Nikolas is a man of the world . He has seen and done it all. He is also shrewd and would spot a fake a mile away. Ava has mellowed him a bit. However, he is acting like a dunce with Esme. It is totally off character.

  11. Cece says

    I am really disappointed in the storylines the writers have put Nicholas and Sonny in!!! Nicholas should be smarter than than they allow him to be!! He’s bewitched by Esme which is so awful !! Makes him look just plain stupid!! And, onto Sonny…WOW what a boring Mike personality…. Where did Sonny, the man who loves his family go??? I have to agree with Michael on this one !!! Sonny should be furious with Nina… Nina is a “whinny hinney” and another boring character trying to make Nell into a good person!! I hope Willow never finds out she’s her mom!!!

    1. Cheri Carver says

      I totally agree with both statements. I am really tired of the Sonny/Nina crap, he
      has more sense than that. Nicholas should have seen Esme coming a mile away.
      I wonder if they are just trying to turn everyone off the show with these stupid storylines.

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