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General Hospital (GH) Spoilers: Steve Burton’s Leading Lady Posts Farewell Photo

General Hospital spoilers indicate that November 19 was Steve Burton’s last appearance as Jason Morgan and his current leading shared a photo to commemorate the occasion. Have we seen the last of Burton as Jason?

Steve Confirmed The News

On November 23 Steve confirmed the news on his Instagram page. Steve wanted to tell his fans that the executives at ABC had let him go from General Hospital. Steve had been let go because of vaccine mandates at the ABC soap opera. Steve also announced that he had applied for both medical and religious exemptions and was denied both.

Steve was unsure when his last episode aired but revealed it was coming soon. Is being buried in the Cassadine tunnels the end of Jason? Is this the best they could do for a send-off after the last time he was written out of the show? Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) later revealed that no signs of life could be found in the tunnel with the latest WSB equipment. Did Jason get knocked clear of the rubble? Has Jason found his final resting place or will he return in the future?

Kelly Thiebaud Posted A Photo

General Hospital’s Kelly Thiebaud, who plays Jason’s current leading lady Britt Westbourne, posted a photo of herself, Steve, Cameron Mathison (Drew Cain), and Kathleen Gati (Liesl Obrecht). Johnny Wactor (Brando Corbin) commented on the “great scenes” in the tunnel. Cameron pitched in with his love emojis as well. Jason and Drew have had a contentious relationship until this point because of Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco). However, Jason was determined to save his brother from Peter August (Wes Ramsey) while saving Liesl as well. Unfortunately, it seems that Jason has lost his life in the process.

General Hospital (GH) Spoilers: Steve Burton’s Leading Lady Posts Farewell Photo

Burton Is Willing To Return

General Hospital Burton has expressed his willingness to return if the network ever lifts that vaccine mandate. Burton is not willing to give up his freedom to choose whether or not to get the shot. General Hospital is no stranger to back from the dead storylines, Burton had one a few years ago and Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) recently returned from the dead as well. Will Burton eventually return as Jason? Will Jason once again be recast? After the last recast and Burton’s return, it seems that no Jason may be better in case Burton returned to the show in the future. Jason is a very important character and Sonny’s right-hand man.

Will losing Jason bring Sonny and Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) closer or tear them apart? Will we ever see Jason alive again?

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  1. Linda says

    It stinks that Steve & Ingo are being forced out because of the jab. I believe Nancy Graham was an instigator in this in addition to ABC’s policy & their dictator for a governor as well as Bejing Biden.

    1. Helen says

      Wow only an idiot would say that. Rules are rules……ROFLMAO!!!!

    2. Becky says

      It’s really sad that people are making a matter of life & death a political issue – I completely agree with ABC’s policy. I personally do not allow anyone in my home that are not either fully vaccinated or wearing a mask AND staying 6 feet away! Let’s just hope Steve’s decision doesn’t bring illness into his home & family – wonder how he’d feel about his ‘freedom’ then.

      1. Della Martin says

        I think we should boot gt till they see how stupid this is they have no right

    3. Guest1 says

      The vaccine is the way we will rid the country of the Coronavirus??. Steve Burton and everyone needs to get vaccinated. Personal freedom has no place in vaccinations. Mandates have helped us get closer to eliminating the virus.

    4. Cathy Sisson says

      I agree she was the cause of both of there dismissal.

    5. Emma Jo Rust says

      If they do not care for the health of their family and co-workers ,any more than that, GH did the right thing. I would not work with them!

    6. Cathy says

      Really biden has nothing to with it. Get a life already

    7. Redrage502 says

      Nancy Lee Grahn is always the loudest liberal instigator in the entire cast.
      There’s nothing about her I like anymore.

  2. M Davis says

    I think with such ridiculous cancel culture, & the Lefts willingness to disobey the constitution of this country to promote their Socialism, is Hollywood being sick & elitist to get to men who at, least work for a living , to be fired is horrific & the shows producers & writers should be fired instead.. ! I & many of my friends will cease watching GH .. There are other soaps to watch. I am very disappointed that people are being fired when they have good cause & a right to their convictions. The courts have already agreed to drop these mandates which are illegal according to our Constitution but the head of this country is on a power trip who loves being a ruler & has no credentials to run a country.. Look what he has done already & he cares nothing about Ruining American lives for his Narcissistic behavior. Obviously GH creators & writers don’t care either!!!! GOODBY GH can’t say I hope you make it !!!! ??

    1. Verneal says

      I totally agree with you.

  3. Kristen Duffany says

    I can’t do Peter Augusta anymore. I’ll be finding something to watch that doesn’t have him in it. See ya!

  4. mike stokes says

    We All must be patient, Jason was a major Character . This might all be worked out in time as Mandates Fall by the wayside . I will miss Him too . to ABC we will be waiting for his return. ABC has a great show just be patient for a little while.

  5. Judy Keith says

    This country and companies like General Hospital have reached below the bottom of the barrel AND FOR WHAT? I took the 2 shots and after the 2nd one, it has pushed me into a flare from hell with Dercum’s Disease! I regret ever taking it and I will not take a booster!!! This has gone TOO FAR! The cases have reached an all-time low and you FIRE your BIGGEST STAR!!! B R I N G S T E V E BACK!

  6. Kathy Griffin says

    I don’t agree with ABC letting Jason go that’s ridiculous it’s not a mandate we have our right of freedom our choice our body. I hope Steve and anyone else that ABC let go get sued. Jason is a main character in general hospital and hospital and for them to let them go is ridiculous

  7. Meow Meowmeow says

    I really hate.this. I respect freedom, but GH needs Jason and Jax on the canvas

  8. lililuvsu says

    I really, really hate to see Steve Burton is leaving. He is a great actor and very easy to look at also. Here’s hoping that he will reappear in the future. LOVE, LOVE HIM!

  9. Sue says

    Sue says: I think this is wrong on all levels. We have the right to choose in America. Many people choose not to get flu shots, and I believe it is the same with COVID shots. If a person is immunized, that person is safe. How many people go into stores with people who are not immunized? This whole situation has gotten way out of control.

  10. Diane 837 says

    I hate that Jason and Jax had to leave on something they believe in once upon a time this was a free country people still getting Covid shot or no shot misery loves company as long as he was doing the weekly testing good luck general hospital still love you

  11. Redrage502 says

    Steve has had the virus.
    The antibodies are in his blood.
    Once you’ve had the virus you don’t need to take the vaccine.

  12. Victoria Hughes says

    The answer is: Yes!! We will see Jason again!! Here’s hoping that Steve Burton is coming back on General Hospital by this December, and here’s hoping that Britt will finally get her Christmas miracle to bring Jason Morgan back to her and be reunited with him by New Year’s Eve!!

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