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General Hospital Spoilers: Nerve-Wracking Questions, Sticky Situations, Lawyer Calls

General Hospital Spoilers: Nerve-Wracking Questions, Sticky Situations, Lawyer Calls

General Hospital spoilers and updates for the week of Monday, March 18- Friday, March 22 tease nerve-wracking questions, sticky situations, and lawyer calls.

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John “Jagger” Cates (Adam Harrington) asks nerve-wracking questions, Michael and Willow Corinthos (Chad Duell, Katelyn MacMullen) are in a sticky situation, and Diane Miller (Carolyn Hennesy) gets a call!

Nerve-Wracking Questions

Jagger is leaving no rock unturned as he asks nerve-wracking questions about Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) all over Port Charles, he’s digging like a dog for a bone!

Danny Morgan (Asher Antonyzyn) appears to be at Elizabeth Baldwin’s (Rebecca Herbst) house when Jagger shows up there and starts asking her about Jason. Elizabeth also looks very nervous as Jagger says he was hoping he could ask her a few questions about Jason Morgan!

Elizabeth may have learned her lesson about helping people in trouble after nearly getting arrested for helping Nikolas Cassadine (Adam Huss) with Esme Prince (Avery Kristen Pohl).

Danny knows a lot more about his father than Elizabeth likely does, unless he told her and Jake Webber (Hudson West) in an effort for Jake and Jason to interact.

Sticky Situations

In the meantime, Michael and Willow are in the Quartermaine stables talking over the sticky situation of Jagger asking questions about Jason.

Obviously, it has gotten back to them that he’s making his rounds and Willow’s especially nervous about their involvement. She asks Michael what if that FBI agent questions us-for her, it’s a moral conflict as to whether Jason should have been taken to GH in handcuffs.

Jason was obviously becoming infected from the bullet wound, sweaty and swollen around the wound and he needed stitches and was nearly too weak to move around.

General Hospital Spoilers: Nerve-Wracking Questions, Sticky Situations, Lawyer Calls

Lawyer Calls

Michael goes to the boathouse to advise Jason what’s happening and he says too many people are getting pulled into this, with a plan in his mind.

Michael asks what he’s going to do, and Jason places a call and reaches out to his lawyer, Diane Miller (Carolyn Hennesy). Even she looks a little uncomfortable when she answers the phone and asks him what took him so long-she’s been expecting he’d call since Carly Spencer (Laura Wright) called her.

Everyone wonders what took Jason two and a half years of “so long” to even reveal he made it out of the tunnel under Cassadine Island and alive all this time. So far, only Michael knows even part of the story-and Jagger is the one who knows the rest!

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