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General Hospital (GH) Spoilers: Michael E. Knight Taking A Break – Does Marty Disappear?

General Hospital (GH) spoilers and updates tease that Martin Gray is about to go MIA as Michael E. Knight takes a break from the show. What happens to Martin and when will he be back?

General Hospital Spoilers – Cyrus Reaches Out From Beyond Prison Walls

General Hospital’s Cyrus Renault (ex-Jeff Kober) may be in prison but that doesn’t mean that he cannot get to his siblings who have turned against him. Cyrus ordered a hit on Sonny Corinthos’ (Maurice Benard) entire family from prison, do people believe he can’t come after his siblings from there? Cyrus is very upset with Martin over keeping their mother from him. That is a huge betrayal as far as Cyrus is concerned, could he come after Martin and possibly have him killed? Cyrus seems to have put out a hit on both of his siblings and Michael’s exit has been written in because of this. Although no one has confirmed this yet, the threat from Cyrus is real and Martin must do something to keep himself safe.

General Hospital Updates – How Long Will Martin Be Gone?

There is no indication of how long General Hospital’s Martin will be out of town or how long Michael’s leave will be. However, with the threat of Cyrus looming it is hard to say how long Michael will be gone. Of course, later we could see some scenes of Martin in protective custody.

General Hospital: Michael E. Knight

Chances are it won’t get to the point of Julian Jerome’s (ex-William DeVry) plastic surgery and a new identity. Of course, Martin might be safer in Corinthos safe house than in police custody. The PCPD isn’t very good at hiding people, they aren’t good at solving cases either. However long Martin is gone, hopefully, he comes back alive and well.

Cyrus Is Still Dangerous

As long as General Hospital’s Cyrus is alive, anyone who crosses him is in danger. Martin will be one of his biggest targets because of their mother. It isn’t Martin’s fault that Florence Grey (ex- Annie Abbott) blames Cyrus for her husband’s death. It also isn’t Martin’s fault that Cyrus got caught up in his crimes again. So why is Cyrus determined to get rid of his brother? When will Martin be able to come back home where he belongs?

General Hospital fans have certainly enjoyed having Michael on the show even though he isn’t seen as often lately. Will Michael return soon? Could Martin finally get a love interest and a life in Port Charles that isn’t tied to his brother? Can Martin find common ground with his sister when he returns?

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  2. lbc says

    Like Martin’s presence, but just wish he hadn’t been brought on as Laura’s 1/2 brother – Cyrus was enough. As Marty isn’t seen often, he wouldn’t be missed that much. Don’t see why an actor of Michael’s posture should have been brought on for such a small role that didn’t develop into something more. I do hope if he returns to canvas that he has a greater part in story telling.

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