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General Hospital (GH) Spoilers: Maurice Benard Reveals Exciting New Spoilers

General Hospital: Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard)

General Hospital (GH) spoilers Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) fans are divided when it comes to what woman Sonny should be with. However, new spoilers reveal that things could intensify very quickly in the coming weeks, especially with Sonny, Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright), Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell), and Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros).

General Hospital Spoilers – Maurice Benard Chose Twitter To Drum Up Support

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Maurice recently took to Twitter to drum up support for upcoming scenes between Sonny and Michael. Of course, Sonny and Michael were very close before Nina came between Sonny and his entire family. Now everyone is hating on Sonny for being with someone new.

Will Michael’s struggle with Willow Tait (Katelyn MacMullen) and their unborn child but the catalyst Sonny needs to realize where he belongs? Will Sonny realize that Nina is nothing more than a distraction and Carly is where his heart belongs?

General Hospital Updates – The Acting Will Prevail

Maurice praises Chad, who has played Michael since 2010. Maurice and Chad have grown close over the years and play well off each other. Michael is still trying to take down his father but Sonny may be the shoulder he needs when the truth about Willow’s illness is revealed. Of course, Michael will eventually have to face having Nina around as Willow’s mother as well.

Michael will certainly go through some upheaval which should be very interesting to watch. How will Michael work through his issues now that Willow is gravely ill? Will Michael face losing his child much like Sonny and Carly did years ago when they lost their first son? Will Michael finally face the fact that he needs his father whether he agrees with his choices or not?

General Hospital: Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell)

Will Michael Corinthos Regret His Actions?

Spoilers suggest that Sonny will lose way more than he already has thanks to Michael. Unfortunately, this could mean Sonny’s business and even his freedom. Sonny has already been to prison once for killing A.J. Quartermaine (ex- Sean Kanan) but was pardoned. How will Michael feel when all is said and done and he needs his father?

Sonny is not one to walk away from his kids no matter what. Michael may take everything Sonny has from him but Sonny will be there for Michael in the end. Michael may just have to face up to how incredibly selfish and self-centered he truly is when Sonny is the only one who can help him in the end.

GH fans may want to buckle their seatbelts, this could be a very bumpy ride.

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  2. mb22 says

    Give me a break! Yeah, maybe Michael and Smina were close before he fell off the bridge that was over a year ago! Since that time Smina has shown that Nasty Nutty Nina means more to him than anyone else (yes that includes his family).

    Unlike a great many, I do not think Michael is wrong. What Sonny does IS ILLEGAL, why shouldn’t Joss and the rest of the family STOP TURNING A BLIND EYE??? Why would Michael need to lean on Smina who hasn’t been there for him, he will probably turn to Drew (someone who has supported him and been a shoulder for him in the past).

    Unless Smina WAKES THE F**K UP, he will be FF thru every scene as there is nothing he can say or do to redeem himself in my eyes. He basically told his wife and family F you I’m staying with the skank who neglected to tell me or you I was alive for 6 mths. WTH is wrong with him? Brain Tumor??

    1. Carol-Ann Lane says

      The skank is Carly the ugly-face bitch who seduced her mommy’s husband, passed her son off as his and sent him over the edge when shetok the baby from him and then screwed AJ, the kid’s father, until he died (remember Sonny hanging him on a meat hook)? SHE”s been snarky with everyone since Laura took over the role! Nina tried to tell her Sonny was alive but she bitched at Nina and hung up! She refused a gift of the restaurant back and generally acts like a real a’hole! Besides, Sonny is MUCH HAPPIER now! By the way, the whole thingis a bunch of actors reading from a script so get a life!

  3. mary cody says

    i am sonny and carly far all the way i do not like nina

  4. Just123 says

    “ Now everyone is hating on Sonny for being with someone new.” … WOW, whoever said that isn’t reading the room. It’s not just that Sonny is with someone new!!!! It’s his whole demeanor. This is not the Sonny we have known for years. The loyal and family loving Sonny would never have turned his back on his wife and family and turned to a woman who lied to him and kept him from his family and friends for so many months, even while she was witnessing the pain they were all going through as they mourned his loss!!!
    The true Sonny would have fought for his wife and family and would not have deliberately sided with the person who caused it all in the first place.
    It’s ridiculous to simplify it as simply being “they don’t like Sonny with someone new”!! The majority of us just don’t like Sonny and what he has become….period!! It’s, as simple as THAT!!

    1. Lurean McKinney says

      I Totally Agree with “Just123” said.
      I don’t like how they Changed Sonny completely.
      I and many others Truly looked forward to the Original Sonny. I Loved how the real Sonny was.
      This Sonny is phony and I definitely don’t like him with Nina because she No remorse and she really don’t Love Sonny.

      She loves the imagination Mike and what he can do for her. She really couldn’t handle the Real True Sonny. And Sonny had a soft spot towards others when necessary. However it’s Sad and Annoying to watch General Hospital now, without the Real and True Sonny and his Awesome Beautiful wife by his side.

      I turn my head to this as much as I can to this nonloving, phony man pretending to be Sonny.
      And Nina is the worse girlfriend or side chick he ever had. I cannot wait for Nina to be written off General Hospital Or Disappears and the New Sonny won’t be able to find her at all. I hope some how the Real Sonny returns and returns with the Awesome Carly by his side and he by her side. PLEASE, PLEASE Make this happen. Thanks

    2. Wiggy says

      From the look of things you people are bringing your life experiences into these shows. When will you’ll get it into your heads, that Sonny is an actor and he’s doing a job that he gets paid to do. Time to back off and let the do his job.

    3. Lynn says

      Agreed, not with someone new, but with a nasty woman!

  5. Emma Jo Rust says

    What does Smina spell and what does it mean? Thanks for the answer.

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