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General Hospital (GH) Spoilers: Maurice Benard Drops Major Clue About Sonny’s Return

General Hospital (GH) spoilers tease that Maurice Benard (Sonny Corinthos) has a great sense of humor which is something he regularly shares with his fans on social media. Who doesn’t love the antics of his goat Buddy?

Now he’s playing around on Insta and it looks like he could be giving us a huge clue as to the comeback of Sonny and the departure of Mike. Could it be that Port Charles soon has its missing mobster back? Keep reading to find out what Benard is posting and how it could relate to his GH character.

General Hospital spoilers: Maurice Benard Plays Multiple GH Characters

First Benard shared a cute video of himself singing and the caption: “You’re looking kind of lonely girl would you like to dance with (MIKE?)” He was in Mike’s favorite flannel shirt, something Sonny wouldn’t be caught dead in.

The fans were totally intrigued with one writing, “I can’t stop watching this. 1. Who’s holding the camera? Is it on a stand? I want the master shot of you filming yourself in your room. 2. Remodel that dressing room now. Thank you.”

Plenty of fans expressed their preference for Sonny over Mike: “I want Sonny to go home Port Charles needs him,” and “Like you as Mike but we are ready for Sonny to return.”

General Hospital spoilers: Maurice Benard Drops a Clue

Next he posted a video of himself in a dress shirt and jacket, the kind of clothes Sonny would wear at beach. Again he posted a video pf him singing but the caption reads: “Would you like to dance with Sonny?”

Fans went wild with the hint, with one writing, “Woohoo!! Looks like Our Sonny might be back!! Suit and all!! ?❤️ Looking good Maurice!” another fans posted, “Yes I’ll dance with u … I miss u on GH .. come back to Carly … best couple ever in GH.”

Benard is enjoying himself in both videos, smiling as he croons, almost as if he’s daring us to figure out what he’s up to. It looks like he’s in his dressing room, and the change of clothes could indicate that fans are about to say goodbye to Mike and hello to Sonny.

General Hospital spoilers: What Happens Next in Port Charles, New York?

Sonny must eventually return to Port Charles, New York and when he does he will be gobsmacked. He will find out his wife Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) has married his bestie Jason Morgan (Steve Burton)!

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  1. Lucy says

    Sonny needs to come back because the Novak family is going to out smart Jason and Carly no matter if they get married

    1. Cindy says

      Sonny needs to come back or just kill him off..Show is getting boring.. I have watched since show started..
      I am just tired of these games they are playing with Sonny

  2. Linda Daley says

    As mad as I am with the Mike, and Sonny storyline, he best get his Butt back to Port Charles…I want Nina to face what she has coming, she should have never kept it going with Mike,,,Right from the minute she saw Mike and knew he was Sonny she should have phoned someone back in Port Charles like maybe Jason…This whole storyline was absolutely STUPID, and Now Jason, and Carly Married is another one that I’m ready to QUIT WATCHING GH OVER THIS….They had a GREAT Storyline with Jason, and Britt everyone I know from around all these promo’s that LOVED the IDEA of them being together >>>>So WRITERS start getting these STORYLINES RESOLVED so we can start seeing GH back to NORMAL you know what I mean PLEASE….

    1. Emma Jo Rust says

      She did phone Carly and tried to tell her about Sonny, but Carly got smart with her, so she hung up!

      1. sandra jimerson says

        Then she should have told someone else.

      2. Leticia says

        She could of kept trying or at least told Michael that would of helped her to see Wiley more.

      3. lbc says

        No excuse, she still should have told Carly the truth about her husband regardless of what Carly may have said. Nina was all out of sorts for not being able to see Wiley, and she exactly the same but worse to Sonny’s family to allow them to believe that he was dead.

    2. marie a bailey says

      I agree, I been watching General Hospital for over 45 years, and I never been so upset, Put the show back together, Carly needs to be with Sonny, Nina needs her punishment, Jason should be with Brit and for God sakes get Michael back with Willow, and let Chase get on with his life,and please put Maxie back with her baby Louise. I love General Hospital .

      1. Sharon Griffin says


    3. Cindy says

      I totally AGREE..

    4. Kathie Zimmerman says

      I agree completely!!

    5. Annie says

      Remember she did call Carly immediately but Carly was so nasty and rude and cut her off eventually haning up the phone on Nina. Granted, she should have tried again or at least told Jax when he came to Nixon Falls

    6. Ann P. says

      Yes: I agree with Linda Daley. Get Sonny back with his family. I do not like Willa with Michaele, she are not petty enough Michaele are very good looking and he need a very good looking woman on his arms. Not Willa, put some one like the first lady he was involve with! Sunny have Carly and she are a very good looking woman and very smart and very strong and she will get you if you mess with her. Willa are not that kind of woman. Look how she came on the show! Writers you guys have just mess up General Hospital this year. I miss General Hospital the way it was. General Hospital never had very long story lines this long. The Old General Hospital would have a story line and the would finish it very quickly, that why I like General Hospital. I do not watch the Bold and Beautiful or the Young and Restless because they make women look weak and do any thing to get a man and their story lines just keep going aroung and aroung with the same men. Writhers please get my General Hospital back the way it was!

  3. sandra jimerson says

    I totally agree that Sonny needs to return to PC, and if Carly and Jason marry I’m tempted to quit watching. Their story line is pathetic. Jason needs to get a life and Carly needs to back off. What has happened to the writers here? I’ve been watching since GH’s inception, and you’ve really got some ridiculous story lines going here. I love Roger Horth, but bringing him back as someone else? Again, ridiculous.

    . I

  4. Cindy says

    I totally AGREE. I also have been watching since show started..

  5. lbc says

    I too am a long time viewer and agree that the show needs to be returned to its former self. But, don’t care for Jason with Britt, nor Michael with Willow. Maxie definitely needs to be with her baby regardless of the possible threat that Peter is somewhere still lurking around (which he probably is). The longer BL has Louise the more attached she and Val will become and there will be problems for Maxie getting her daughter back an extended story line I don’t care to see.

  6. Louise Pugh says

    I agree please get sonny home to his family they need him so Jason can move on with britt he finally found someone who cares about him without judgment (sam).And Nina can get over that fantasy that she living in cause she knows it wrong .

    1. Louise Pugh says

      Yes maxie truly needs to be with her newborn she’s been through a lot plus it sad because everyone is falling so hard for this newborn that not even there and for once I’m feeling so sad for valentin he is falling so hard for little Louise

  7. Michaele Benjamin says

    So tired of NINA – it’s definitely time Sonny comes back to Port Charles and she gets what she deserved. I t would also hlep if she were replaced with someone who will do the part justice!!

  8. Debra myer says

    This is one of the worst story lines with sunny and Nina. When are you ever going to let Jason be happy. Dumb dumb and stupid maxie I can’t take it. Bye GH, I wii watch again when the storyline gets more realistic.

  9. Betty Fetty says

    I totally agree, the sunny, Nina, willow and maxie storyline are crazy. I have been watching since it started this is the worst. Bye GH

  10. […] now GH fans are divided on the status of Maurice’s alter ego, Sonny. At this point in time, he isn’t Sonny per se, he’s Mike and living an amnesiac life in […]

  11. Dianne Minor says

    I have been watching GH for 43 years and this Sonny story is the most BORING story line EVER. When will it end? Why does GH keep recycling STUPID storylines? (Drew Cain) . I am at the point of writing off this show and finding something else to do, maybe watch PAINT DRY! At least it would be more interesting.

  12. Dolly says

    So what. She then should have called Michael to let him know his father was alive. This whole story line should never have been written.

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