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General Hospital (GH) Spoilers: Carly Vows To Destroy Nina After Sonny Reveal

General Hospital spoilers Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) only tolerates Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros) because of their grandson. However, Nina has kept Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) away from his friends and family for months. How will Carly react when the truth comes out?

Nina Reeves Has Known For Months

General Hospital’s Nina has known for months that Sonny is alive. Nina has had ample opportunity to tell Carly the truth but has chosen not to say anything. Nina has allowed Sonny to develop feelings for her knowing that he has a wife and family back in Port Charles. Nina is even willing to kiss Sonny and possibly go further to keep him in Nixon Falls with her. Nina could end Sonny’s family’s suffering and help him to regain his true identity but refuses to do anything at all. Sonny and his family are at Nina’s mercy while she visits with their grandson and is keeping the child’s grandfather away from him. Nina is getting deeper and deeper into a relationship with a married man and doesn’t give his family a second thought. Will she ever tell the truth?

Carly Corinthos Will Be Furious

General Hospital’s Carly will be furious when the truth comes out about Sonny. Nina knows how Carly has grieved for her husband. Nina is still allowing Carly to plan a wedding to Jason Morgan (Steve Burton). Nina knows that Carly wouldn’t be getting married to Jason if she knew Sonny was alive. When Carly learns that Nina has known about Sonny all this time, she will be furious. As a matter of fact, Carly is going to be ready to tear Nina apart when the truth comes out.

General Hospital (GH) Spoilers: Carly Vows To Destroy Nina After Sonny Reveal

Carly Corinthos Vows Revenge

General Hospital’s Carly has been very accommodating to Nina since Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell) agreed to let Nina see her grandson. However, once the truth comes out, Carly will be out to destroy Nina. Nina has walked away from her magazine to hang out in Nixon Falls with Carly’s husband. Nina has kept the truth about Sonny a secret all this time. Carly will want to get even by taking everything Nina holds dear. Carly is going to be determined to keep Nina out of Wiley Corinthos’ (Theo and Erik Olson) life after this. Carly is likely to kick Nina out of the office at the Metrocourt as well. Nina has bit off more than she can chew with Carly and is likely to pay dearly. Will Carly destroy Nina’s life over her lies?

Nina Reeves only saving grace may be that Sonny can reason with Carly. Sonny is likely going to have to step in and handle things between Carly and Nina that is unless Sonny is just as upset. Where will Nina stand when the dust settles?

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  1. Divanana says

    Yes Nina has no morals or respect for family.Carly will have a right to destroy Nina and
    Sonny will destroy her also. He loves his wife and his children the entire family. Plus Sonny does like a lier. So Nina will be destroy.
    And her friend phillys and Lenny will not talk to her again. Bye Nina get out of town..

    1. SHARON BONNER says

      WHEN IS SONNY RETURNING. GH is getting boring. It does not make sense that in all this time, he has not had a memory blurb. Let’s make GH interesting again. Its dull dull dull. Bring Sonny back

      1. Diane 837 says

        She tried to tell Carly but she just in with her nasty attitude so she didn’t tell her sometimes it pays to listen Carly don’t care about nobody look at what she did to Britt and Jason because she always want to be in control what goes around come right back to bit you if sonny wanted to kiss me I would have kiss him to he know he got a background if he really want to he could have found out who he is yes
        Give Britt back her man

    2. lbc says

      Don’t believe Nina will be going anyplace even after the reveal if it ever occurs. Believe writers of this spoiler are giving viewers a bit of hope that the Nixon Falls story will be ending by asking these questions regarding Nina paying and Carly’s revenge. The actual writers will probably milk this story line for many more months before an end is revealed.

      1. Stella@47 says

        I haven’t watched GH in months
        Plenty of other “STUFF LOL”
        to watch

    3. Just123 says

      In my opinion Sonny does NOT like a liar. I hope Carly does absolutely destroy Nina. Not only did Nina cause Carly to suffer but she also actually put P.C. in danger by keeping Sonny away. I can think of absolutely no saving grace for Nina at this point.

      I thought Nina was smart…..she could likely have gotten a pathway to Wiley had she been forthcoming about Sonny. Carly, Michael and everybody else would have been so grateful but now she can kiss all of that goodbye. I don’t even see how Sonny can accept what she did when he realizes the pain she has caused his REAL family and friends.

      Yes, I certainly am counting on Carly absolutely destroying her. As a matter of fact I think even Jax will have a hard time dealing with what she has done!!

      1. CeKay says


    4. Stella Zitis says

      Actually sonny is a wimp and a liar he’s been protecting Nina instead of his wife Carly
      Not a true mobster like Michael Corleone

  2. Wynona Byington says

    I can not wait for this to happen!! I hope she beats the ? out of Nutty Nina!!

    1. Diane 837 says

      I think it’s very interesting I may not like what Nina is doing but Carly have did some bad stuff to destroying Jason relationship with Britt so it’s okay for Carly to do what she wants but everyone else has to suffered I still like Nina just like I said it wasn’t bothering sonny to much he knew he had a past and that he had family he disposed thuan who tried to steal the diner it’s a lot he could have done put his pictures in the newspaper so don’t just blame Nina the fault is his to wouldn’t you want to know who you are lay off Nina why should she beat Nina he knew he had a pass he could have found out who he was he just wanted Nina bottom line

      1. Debbie says

        It wasn’t just Carley who destroyed Jason and Britt’s relationship, Jason also agreed that it was best to get married , it wasn’t out of spite that Carley agreed to marry Jason, but it was out of spite Nina decided not to tell Sonny’s family that he is alive

    2. Cindy says

      I agree

  3. Stetny says

    Sonny needs to be home. Cannot wait for Nina to be exposed. It’s been going on much too long. Will Sonny ever get home????

    1. Just123 says

      It has been dragged out far too long.
      And if Sonny doesn’t return I’ll be done with G.H.

  4. Teena says

    I can’t wait until Carly destroys Nina .she deserves ever thing that Carly is going to do to her

  5. Paula says

    Good Nina will deserve everything that Is coming to Her and more.Nina so Pathetic she knows Carly and Her children miss Sonny but she doesn’t care. I’d never let her see Wiley ever again.

  6. Barbara says

    Hopefully Carly will tell Michael and Willow not to let Nina see Willey anymore because she knows that Sonny is alive. She needs to blast her good. Nina is only doing it because Jax and Carly didn’t tell her about Nell being her daughter, and that Carly tried to save her when she fell of that cliff.

    1. Just123 says

      I have a feeling Carly won’t have to try very hard to convince Michael not to let Nina visit Wiley. I think he will be just as upset. The only thing I could have thought might prevent it would be Jax spilling Michael and Willow’s secret to Chase. Although I think Jax will also be pretty disgusted with Nina when he finds out about her deception.
      Nina is a snake. Never have been a fan of hers but now I’m completely done with her!!

  7. Carolyn Stowell says

    I totally agree with all of you!! How can she continue to do this to a whole family……I didn’t like her before and now she is disgusting!!! I have watched for many years, and this is the worst yet. I really don’t care if I miss it or not. Also this Peter thing is FOREVER!!! Hate this also, what happened to the good writers?????

  8. Angie says

    Just think when Sonny get his memory back , what he might think of Nina or what he might do. Plus, I don’t see Jason and Carly a couple. Jason needs to get back with Britt and not Sam.

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  12. justfaith says

    I personally just want to see this Storyline end! It has been what a Year? It feels like longer than that! I want the truth to be revealed once & for all. Then the storylines can at least move on! It has been stuck in this same Boring, Nauseating, Endless loop! Let the TRUTH set US Free! I want off the Merry-Go-Round, it’s not Fun anymore!!!!

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